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Pay attention to the packaging - Libero Quotidiano

Pay attention to the packaging – Libero Quotidiano

New batch in the supermarket: this time the topic of the report is a batch of surimi sticks In cut brine under the Réunion brand. Two major supermarkets, Carrefour and Tegros, reported the precautionary alert. The reason for the summons? Possible classification error. In some packages, in fact, there may be a mislabeling, which is to label shrimp in brine instead of a surimi label.

The product in question – as mentioned in il Fatto Alimentare – is sold in packages of 500 g net weight (strained weight 225 g). Moreover, batch number 15790-20 and minimum storage period 13/11/2022 were indicated on the wrong labels. Pulled surimi sticks for Riunione Industrie Alimentari were produced by Chrisfish Danmark A/S, at Fiskerihavnsgade Factory 47, in Frederikshavn, in Denmark.

For precautionary purposes only, it is recommended to pay special attention to package surimi sticks in brine with the indicated and reported brand. In any case, to obtain more information in this regard, it is always possible to contact the company in question on two telephone numbers, 010 803344 ext 1211/216 or 351 8240057.

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