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I have Ramsay Hunt syndrome and half of my face is paralyzed

I have Ramsay Hunt syndrome and half of my face is paralyzed

Justin Bieber broke his silence on his illness and explained in a long video why he was forced to cancel his concerts. The artist half-face paralyzed: “A virus attacked the nerves of the ear and the nerves of the face, I can’t close my eyes, move my nostril or smile.”

Justin Beiber He’s back on social media with a very serious announcement. The artist, in recent days, He canceled his concerts This caused great discontent in the army of his fans. Therefore, Bieber thought it appropriate to post a video explaining his motives: “I have Ramsay Hunt syndromeI have half a paralyzed face.

Justin Bieber talks about his illness, he has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Justin Bieber, in a video posted to Instagram, announced that he has Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a neurological condition caused by infection with the herpes zoster virus. And the artist, as evidenced by the video, explained that he is half paralyzed:

“I’d like to share with you what’s going on. Obviously, from what you can see from my face, I have Ramsay Hunt syndrome. The virus has attacked the ear nerves and the facial nerves and paralyzed this part of my face. You see, I can’t close that eye, I can’t smile at this. The side of my face, I can’t move my nose. This whole part of my face is paralyzed.”

The singer needs rest to recover

Finally, Justin Bieber addressed all those who expressed their disappointment with them these days Not being able to see it live: “How many of you are frustrated with my upcoming concerts being canceled, I mean I’m not physically able to do it. It’s very dangerous, you see. I wish I wasn’t, but my body obviously suits me. I say I have to slow down. I hope you understand.” I’m going to use this period to rest and relax, to get back to 100%, to get back to what I was born for. Until then I’ll have to rest to get my face back.”. Then he concluded:

“I love you. I’ll be better. I do all the exercises to get my face back to normal. And I’ll get back to normal, it just needs time. We don’t know how much, but it will be alright. I have hope, I believe in God and I am convinced that everything happens for a reason, even If only I didn’t know what it is now.”