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Virginia Saba: "No to the hints, I've been to Alternativa per lavoro"

Virginia Saba: “No to the hints, I’ve been to Alternativa per lavoro”

The companion of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in a video clip after the controversy over her presence in the demonstration organized by the former Five Star Parliamentary Group, which fled the movement in opposition to the Draghi government.


Virginia Saba, companion to Minister Di Maio, publishes a Video on Facebook To respond to controversy He raised about his presence at the demonstration organized by Alternativa, a former five-star parliamentary group who fled the movement in opposition to the Draghi government.
I don’t like the hint I want to specify that I work for Representative Emanuela Korda, with whom I have respect and friendship. The fact that she is romantically linked to someone who has political dissonance with the alternative is no reason for her to give up my work“.
“In 2022 – adds Virginia Saba – a woman who has complete freedom, has its own personality, it should not be subject to the male personality to decide its career path. The fact that you are collaborating with a political group does not mean that you fully share their ideas and views. What I think I keep to myself.”

“Yesterday at that point the words ‘no fax’ and ‘pro-Putin’ were never spoken and the topics were never touched upon – as Di Maio’s partner concluded – I absolutely do not want to be associated with those who destroy people. I want to repeat that all My day is about Support the Ukrainian people

Mar 27, 2022 – Updated on Mar 27, 2022, 8:17 PM

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