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Space: Tianzhou-2 leaves central unit Tiangong – Xinhua News

Editorial responsibility of Xinhua News Agency.

(Xinhua) – BEIJING, March 27 – The Chinese cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-2 this afternoon (local time) separated from the central unit of the National Space Station.

This was announced by the Chinese Manned Space Agency.

The latter said that at 15:59 (Beijing time), Tianzhou-2 left the central unit of the Tiangong Space Station after completing all its scheduled tasks.

During its in-orbit operation, Tianzhou-2 conducted a series of extensive application tests, the agency added. It is currently in good condition and, in time, will enter the Earth’s atmosphere monitored by the control station.

Tianzhou-2 is the first cargo ship to be sent into space in the verification phase of the main technology of the Chinese space station.

Carrying a payload of 6.8 tons of space station supplies on board, the spacecraft was launched from the Wenchang spacecraft launch site, located on the coast of the southern island province of Hainan, on May 29, 2021. (XINHUA)

Editorial responsibility of Xinhua News Agency.