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Videos show 4K and 60fps resampling simulated with AI -

Videos show 4K and 60fps resampling simulated with AI –

ElAnalistaDeBits has released two new ones video show A replica of Bloodborne With 4K Resolution & 60fps Created with external hardware and AI-based editing and upgrading software, with the goal of representing a possible Remaster for FromSoftware’s PS5 and PC to work. Given all the limitations of the case, the result in general is excellent.

In the video above, we can see more than 12 minutes of gameplay for this Bloodborne simulation, while in the video below, ElAnalistaDeBits offers a comparison to the original PS4 version.

As explained by a YouTuber, this version was created by editing the gameplay video of the original Bloodborne for PS4 via Editing software, external hardware, AI upgrade. The biggest differences from the original are twice the frame rate, from 30 to 60 fps and 4K resolution versus the original 1080p. Specifically, to get a better result, the resolution was raised to 8K and after that downsampling was performed. Other changes include an anti-aliasing filter, color correction, and the chromatic aberration of the original has been reduced.

The score as we see it overall is pretty good, considering it’s an amateur simulation, with the downside we now crave more from the official Bloodborne remaster for PS5 and PC.

In this regard, insider Colin Moriarty recently stated that there will be news of Bloodborne soon.

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