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Uomini e Donne, Marco ammette: “Tanto non la vuole”

Men and women, Marco admits: ‘He doesn’t want it anyway’

On today’s episode of Men and Women, Marco let himself go to a personal reveal: Ida responded like this.

In today’s episode of men and womenAnd Ida Platano He’s confessed once and for all how he really feels Ricardo Guarnieri. During a confrontation in the study center with MarcoOn yesterday’s episode, he said that while he was dancing with Ricciardo, he whispered in his ear that it’s never too late. Thus it refers to the fact that one is able to give oneself a new opportunity, to start over and see how things will go. Therefore, on the other hand, she made it clear that she did not really intend to continue acquaintance with her suitor Marco.

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In fact, after Marco expressed his opinion on what had previously happened between the former duo, the Lady of the Throne revealed her true intentions. She decided to close dating him because even though she was good during their outings and despite her trying, she didn’t get that thing that keeps her going and dating. However, she reiterated that she is sorry and that she is very sorry for having to say these things to Marco. But What the knight added about Ida and Ricardo?

Men and women, does Marco recognize the truth about Ricardo?

Before receiving “No” from Ida Platano, Marco commented during today’s episode of Men & Women on what happened previously – in yesterday’s episode – between the previous two. We actually remember that the two danced together after Ricciardo moved by hearing Diodato’s make noise song.

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The rider stated what he actually said at the beginning when he introduced himself on Ida’s dating show. And so he reiterated that Ricciardo, according to him, is not really interested in minutes and that he has premeditated everything, even these last actions. On the contrary, Ida is taken and still feels something. Faced with these words, Ida remained silent and eventually revealed her intentions of not wanting to continue the acquaintance.