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Video surveillance drops: mice chew optical fibers

MACERATA – Cameras are blacked out due to rodents in Piazza della Libertà that ate cables

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The police command immediately sounded the alarm, and suddenly the network video surveillance cameras in Macerata rose: those accustomed to films, stories of espionage and daring robberies must have thought that they were on the eve of some criminal stunt, but none of this. It was the rats of Piazza della Liberta, and its immediate surroundings, that came into effect and They eliminated the use of the fiber-optic section between the Antichi Forni buildings and the operating room of the Macerata Police Headquarters. In fact, the police command was limited to reporting the problem, and the municipality had to urgently intervene by calling a specialized company that inspected and verified the origin of the problem: the road was damaged by the act of rat gnawing, at several points, thus blocking the flow of data from the video surveillance cameras To the police headquarters and transfer the data to the license plate reading service. Spot repair work settled for an account of about three thousand euros.

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