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'Fedes offends the tricolor band': Storm is exploding

‘Fedes offends the tricolor band’: Storm is exploding

videos Continue to stir controversy. The (few) songs he produces always seem destined to get people talking about their contents, in one form or another, rather than a pleasant listening. This time around, the video for the single “Die To Die,” the first single from Inhuman’s album, ended up in the heart of the storm. In particular, what should be criticized is the exact scene of the video, in which a man in a tricolor band, which is supposed to represent a public official, usually the mayor, urinates on the rapper, lying on the floor. A scene with a strong symbolic meaning, of contempt for the establishment.

The first to raise their voices against the singer were two mayors of Venice, Treviso and Country. “Being a mayor is listening, making yourself available to a community from the municipality of 30 to the metropolis of 3 million. He reaches out and looks for a solution even in situations where it seems unlikely if not impossible. Being the mayor gives answers when other institutions don’t, it dries up tears and sometimes is there… in tears‘, he stated Mario ConteMayor of the capital, Treviso. Then Sedako continued:Being a mayor means helping your citizens during a storm, opening the doors of your town hall and office. to be present. Being the mayor sometimes doesn’t sleep at night and doesn’t even have time to pee. I understand the desire to multiply, to get people talking always and anyway, to challenge algorithms. I also understand that Fidez’s art is a provocation. But let’s forget the mayors. They, with the singing and the musical political struggle, don’t want to have anything to do with it“.

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Worn in such a powerful and offensive clip of the music video, this tricolor headband has you jumping on the chair. Katia OpertiMayor of the country:Dear Fides, We mayors represent the citizens of our communities no matter which political side we are candidates with, we represent the institutions of this country that are an expression of freedom and democracy. We wear the tricolor headband with pride, respect and responsibilitySo, even this mayor deals a blow to the singer:What do you do? Insult all those people who devote themselves to serving communities small or large! But what is more dangerous is that we now feel entitled to squash everything, and I wonder what kind of message we are sending to future generations.“.

Rather than delve into the point made by mayors, who voiced their opinion of what they saw as an insult to their profession, the rapper preferred in his Instagram Stories to focus on the clip where the mayor of Treviso made it clear, often, in his message. Role Sometimes there is no time even just to pee. “I want to thank this mayor for kidnapping me a smile‘ Fides said before smiling at the premise that mayors are often very busy.