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Video shock with rowing - Libero Quotidiano

Video shock with rowing – Libero Quotidiano

Spelling can no longer be done. Just a joke like “almond milk” in reference Chinese who – which stripping news accused of Racism. After controversy last year against Jerry Scotty and Michelle Hunziker, in fact, now Tommaso Zorzi Attacks Alessandro Ciani To comment on mozzarella cheese made in China, “when squeezed, almond milk comes out.”

But where did these accusations come from? The gabiboIn last night’s episode October 29, the influencer revealed: “You really know who he is Tommaso Zorzi? Now I’ll show you” and I aired an old video in which the former winner of GF VIP Indulges in some embarrassing things rowing While shopping at the supermarket. Suspicious attack given that Zorzi was a leading name for Mediaset Until the influencer turned into Discovery Plus where you will perform drag race.

In the meantime, the social people are unleashed. Zorzi fans and followers have already started with it insult the program. The premise is that Striscia has no arguments in her defence.

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