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Enjoy the sun, because there is a lot of rain and snow in the mountains: here's the updated forecast - Chronicle

Enjoy the sun, because there is a lot of rain and snow in the mountains: here’s the updated forecast – Chronicle

Trento. Enjoy the sun today and tomorrow (in part), because then there is a lot of rain and snow in the mountains.

Meteotrentino’s prediction says so, which in her post from Fem gives us a picture of the weekend.

Light rain is already likely today In the late afternoon. The situation that will continue on Sunday with a weak or very weak probability of scattered or widespread rain with an increase of about 5 degrees Celsius in nighttime temperatures and a decrease in temperature extremes.

Then the turning point: “On Monday, it rained more heavily in the afternoon. Cumulative average lats are about 30 mm but locally more than 50 mm would be possible. Decreased snow depth up to 1800 – 2000 m Almost subspecies, local in the northwest sectors and in the evening when winds from the north are likely to strengthen.

It generally does not rain on Tuesday, especially in the morning with lower minimum temperatures and higher maximum temperatures.

Wednesday and Thursday it is possible to precipitate on a large scale, and snow over about 1500 meters And locally under and likely to strengthen the wind ».

Our collaborator for several days Giacomo Politipassionate about meteorology, On his Facebook page He had warned us: “Models” are seeing the arrival of disruption on Monday 1 November, with rain confirmed in Trentino during the morning with the heaviest midday phase. It looks like it will actually stop in the middle of the afternoon. It will make 25-35 mm spread.

Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 Clouds rise, with weak pre-frontal rain at night between Saturday and Sunday. Sunday afternoon covered with first drops scattered over southern Trentino (mainly mountainous regions such as Monte Baldo or Vallarsa).

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Another rainy lane, colder with snow falling under 2000 m, for Wednesday, November 3 ». With the usual caveat: “It is necessary to keep up with the publications of the responsible bodies, obviously before fans and social networks, which, if any, can have the function of arousing curiosity or spreading simple concepts.”

Photo: Walking toward sunset at Caldonazzo, by Sarah Konsi