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Airbnb launches winter bootcamp: free lessons on non-hotel mountain hospitality

Winter is approaching and it’s time to start thinking Where, how and when to spend a few days away from the city In the whiteness of the tops of the peninsula. On the one hand, if a tourist begins to get an idea of ​​the experience that he would like to live at high altitudes, choosing places and structures in which to stay overnight, on the other hand, we find a group of The owners of the second home Who, after a difficult year, will have the desire for it We welcome “citizens” seeking serenity within their walls. But it is very easy and instant to convert into a file “Host”? An English term that summarizes a broader concept, which we can present with the following definition: the owner of a private building, who puts rooms and / or common spaces or the entire building at the disposal of guests. summary form of Hospitality outside the hotel.

Becoming a competent host, able to ensure that the welcome is made safely and that the experience leads the customer back home with a positive memory and why not, with a desire to repeat the stay on site, is not so simple. Attention to the mountainous areas, that after a freak winter, in which the ski season has not really begun, they are preparing to return to “normal life”, Airbnb, the famous portal connecting since 2008 people looking for short-term accommodation with “hosts” who have extra space for rent, decided Promotion of a non-hotel mountain hospitality school: winter training camp.

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What is winter camp?

“After missing out on last year’s winter break, mountain communities need to leave more than ever – You can read the section dedicated to the initiative on the website -. To help them seize home tourism opportunities, after the success of the rural bootcamp, Airbnb introduced a new project: winter camp It will be offered to anyone interested in becoming a host Free online lessons It’s held by expert Airbnb hosts who will help those approaching the world of at-home hospitality for the first time, while there are training programs for associations and local tourism promotion bodies specifically for members.”

in detail “The Winter Bootcamp is a program aimed at Helping individuals and organizations from rural and mountain communities succeed on Airbnb. In the lessons will be explained step by step, how to publish an advertisement, partners and associations ‘will have the opportunity to develop Tailor-made software Together with the Airbnb team to help their collaborators understand the benefits of hosting activities for local communities.”

The project will benefit from the cooperation of the National Union of Municipalities and Mountain Authorities (UNCEME).

UNCEM is honored to work with Airbnb in mountain regions – The National President declares, Marco Busoni -, in the main tourist destinations as well as in countries where the renewal of the building heritage is also going through a new strategy of combining supply and demand. We must focus on training and the new cultural models that we will build together“.

Why focus on the mountains?

But why did Airbnb decide to invest energy to support tourism in the mountainous environment? “The mountain and its villages naturally represent a tourist destination with limited supply and easy saturation – explanation Giacomo Trovat, Regional Director of Airbnb in Italy -. This provides a valuable opportunity for second home owners to tap into typically untapped real estate assets that are increasingly expensive to maintain, allowing even mountain communities to access additional economic benefits after a difficult year and a half. Without the need to affect the increase in soil consumption“.

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Italy isn’t the only country where Airbnb is supporting mountain economies. In fact, Winter Boot Camp is also offered to communities in France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.