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Video of Fedez and the rabbit, the scandal of Totti and the Pope: like this today..

Video of Fedez and the rabbit, the scandal of Totti and the Pope: like this today..

Republic Dedicated an article about a purchase tender coffee In Bereloni. Title: “A very long coffee in the Palace of Lombardy: 45 thousand capsules per year to supply the region.” Let’s do the math: 45,000 socks per year equals 3,750 socks per month, divided by 24 working days, or 156 socks per day. Assuming three cups of coffee per day per person (morning, lunch and afternoon, even if the writer needs 5), this means that the offer will cover the needs of 52 people including administrators, workers, politicians and any guests from the largest and most expensive production in Italy. Does it seem too scandalous to you?

– The new constitutional withdrew from He presses To attack the premiership is called Loredana Bertie According to which the Constitution must be respected. And if she said that…

– A beautiful story written by Paolo Giordano On the courier This explains the infighting Georgia Among those supporting the government party are Georgian Dream, author of the controversial Foreign Agents Law; Who instead dreams of Tbilisi in the European Union? Not even a line reminds us that the party today is at the center of controversy and considers it of some sort Urban-2 RevengeIn fact, he was an observer member of the European Socialist Party. It must have been an oversight…

– From the investigation into the alleged beating of L Cristiano Yovinowhere he is under investigation Fedez He and his friends show the video of the alleged attack. The conditional sentence is obligatory, given the different accounts of the facts, and so far there are no rulings from judges other than testimonies. The video shows a person advancing towards the victim in a bold manner, then quickly retreating when things get serious, and protecting himself behind the gang of thugs standing next to him. I don’t know if the person filmed by the cameras is really Fedez, it is impossible to understand due to the poor quality of the videos. But one thing is certain: the unknown man is a rabbit. He brags and then runs away.

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– The Chinese want to start producing their low-cost electric cars in Europe. They came to Italy and discovered that opening a factory here was “difficult.” Welcome.

-C pure Baba Francesco Talking about “too much com. frociaggine“In seminars, with no possible error due to Italian, which is not his mother tongue, it is impossible to be surprised that General Vanacci sold hundreds of thousands of copies. And then: if he goes so far as to say it publicly, in front of the very progressive Italian bishops, who knows how much I once used it alone…

– I did well Watermelon I now began to repeat that, unlike Renzi, in the event of defeat in the referendum for the premiership, she would not leave Chigi Palace. It is a refrain that she must begin repeating month after month, until it settles in the heads of Italians, thus convincing public opinion that there will not be a referendum on it. Renzi’s mistake should not be repeated. Perhaps this time voters will go to vote thinking about the constitution that will be updated, and not about the current government, as happened in 2006 and 2016. Let’s hope so.

– There’s been a lot of talk about that video Georgie Watermelon He addressed La7 viewers who, as a joke and as a provocation, reassured the fact that no regime would be established in Italy as some La7 programs would have you believe. Also on this topic Enrico Mentana He had his say. Another key paragraph in the interview with Annalisa Cozzocrea concerns Telemeloni. The director says: People think with their heads. The evidence is that whoever has controlled RAI since 1994 has always lost elections.” That is, the Democratic Party. Period.

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The night Shalin Emphasizes that government funding for healthcare should not be calculated in absolute terms (there are more euros than yesterday) but in relation to GDP. Now let me explain why things are not going so well in Italy.

– I A daily occurrence He calls for “a global minimum tax on the super-rich.” It seems that by targeting 3,000 billionaires in the world, revenues worth 250 billion can be obtained to finance various energy and green transformations. Nice, huh. But it’s perverted. in principle. If we allow a one-time coercive tax on the super-rich today, we are giving the green light to a way of working that sooner or later will go downhill: after the super-rich will come the turn of the rich, and finally the turn of the rich. Middle class. Here lies the catch.

– A simple question: How can we trust the 9,000 pages of investigation against her with our eyes closed? Giovanni everyone If the interrogation report contained an error would it be an understatement to define it as shocking? Small summary. In recent days, prosecutors in Genoa have heard from Roberto Spinelli, Aldo’s son, both of whom are under investigation, in connection with the major investigation rocking Liguria. During questioning, Roberto confirmed that the loans given to Totti were all “legal”. Everything seems to go smoothly, except that after a few hours the case breaks out: the official text, prepared by a computer program, mentions the term “illicit”, that is, illegal, and coincidentally a small hand makes it all end in a pinch. When Spinelli’s lawyers read the report, they jumped on their chairs and sent a certified email to the judge, claiming that their client had clearly said “legitimate” and that an alleged “mystery” had been born. This morning the lawyers and prosecutors met again to listen to the tape and agree that Spinelli had indeed supported Financing legitimacy. There are two ideas: First: If we assume that the program made the error, then we ask ourselves: Was it really impossible to notice the error before it was recorded? To listen to the sound, which was certainly clean, was it really difficult to take the whistles even for the AI. Second: If on audio recorded in a closed room, with no air conditioning, the robes were able to cause such chaos, imagine what could happen in hours and hours of environmental and telephone interceptions, where the audio is often turbulent and those being intercepted speak in half-sentences, insinuations and intonations. It must be interpreted.

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– The sound gate should turn into a warning. It should teach us that taking what is written in the prosecutor’s file at face value, as is the tradition of the Italian media circus, is dangerous.

Not only does it end up providing the public with only the prosecution’s version, without hearing the suspect’s version first. But also because it is taken for granted that in the nine thousand pages there are no other blunders such as the word “illicit” which is never uttered. After what happened, are you ready to put your hand in the fire?