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Mahmoud and Blanco, “chills” do not respect the Eurovision list: I was forced to change it


The rules are valid for everyone, even the winners of the San Remo Festival 2022. For this reason, in light ofEurovision Song Contest To be held this year at the Pala Alpitour in Turin Mahmoud and Blanco song They will have to be reviewed to respect competition standards.

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Mahmoud and Blanco, “chills” against the Eurovision list: they were forced to change it

Mahmoud himself told her in a recent interview with Radio Italy, carried by Fanpage: “Yes, there is a technical problem with Eurovision, because the song is too long. We tried in every way to shorten it. We tried to say: “Well, we sing the last part without a rule…”. Nothing, it’s only 3 minutes and I don’t know later, they closed the curtains.”

So, Mahmoud and Blanco really set out to work on reducing the song’s duration without distorting its meaning or melody. It will be mainly worked on by Michele Zuka, aka Michelangelo, the song’s producer, who “trying to do the impossible – Mahmoud said -.” He’ll have to cut 30 seconds and that’s a lot in the song. So you will have a different version of the festival one, but we swear it will be beautiful anyway.”

Eurovision, songs in competition modified: previous

This is not the first time thatEurovision An Italian singer in the competition asks to modify his song. Last year something similar happened with Maneskin’s “Shut up and good”, which was not only shortened, but also omitted from the swear words in the text. In 2017 it was Francesco Gabbani’s turn with “Occidentale’s Karma”, which in this case was also reduced by 30 seconds.

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According to Eurofestival News, the rule regarding the three minutes was introduced precisely after the performance of the Italian singer, Nunzio Gallo, who in 1957 performed the song ‘Corde della mia chitarra’, with a duration of 5 minutes and 9 seconds. The duration was considered excessive and for this reason it was decided to amend the regulation, which has remained unchanged since then.

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