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This is how their golden jubilee is celebrated

This is how their golden jubilee is celebrated

It has been 50 years since the founding of The United Arab EmiratesAnd there were many changes. On the occasion of the golden jubilee, you can relive the amazing history of the country and enjoy its most evocative beauty, starting with its most important pearl, the city of Abu Dhabi. This is where the festivities take place, with many unmissable events.

Abu Dhabi Golden Jubilee

A wonderful city overlooking the Arabian Gulf and located in it An almost surreal landscape of its beautyAbu Dhabi is proud of its artistic and cultural heritage and landscapes of world importance. The achievements over the years are really numerous: just think, for example, of the fact that it has long been at the top of the safest city in the world, as well as being one of the main tourist destinations in the Middle East and an amazing crossroads of cultures and ethnic groups History and tradition. In short, she can only be the queen of this golden jubileeIt is a true account of the most evocative changes the United Arab Emirates experienced in the first fifty years of its life.

Abu Dhabi shines and shines on the occasion of its anniversary December 2, 2021He takes us by the hand to discover its unforgettable beauty. Between performances of music and dance, scenic sports activities, and guided tours of the artistic and cultural masterpieces preserved here, appointments abound – not all to be missed. This is the case of the amazing exhibition that takes place inside Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum, one of the main attractions of the city that opened in 2017: for the occasion, tourists will be able to enjoy works of art from the seven emirates and a long journey made with photos, audio and video to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the country. For those looking for a little fun, there is one rink Open to young and old.

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Instead, it is among the enchanted wallsEmirate PalaceWhich is characterized by its suggestive profile that characterizes the magnificent Abu Dhabi Corniche, where dozens of fun activities are held. Like the Ayala dance show, many music and entertainment events for kids – including a fun-filled treasure hunt inside the palace. Of course, the climax of the festivities can only be traditional fireworks display which takes place on Yas Island. Hence, the UAE National Day is rich with breathtaking sounds, colors and lights, illuminating the evocative night view of the Arabian Gulf.

Events at Expo 2020 Dubai

It is clear that some of the special events of Expo 2020, which is being held in Dubai in recent weeks, cannot be missed. From December 1 to 4, visitors can get free access and participate in the many festivities that pay tribute to UAE National Day. One is being held in Al Wasl Plaza, under the dome that has quickly become a symbol of the World’s Fair. This is where the theatrical performance takes place 50th Journey, which traces the notable events the country has faced since its birth until today.

while Al Dubai Millennium Stadium The official National Day ceremony can be watched live in Hatta: no less than a long celebration. Travel back in time, to discover the past, present and future of a country that continues to change, year after year.