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Verona, le location del "Love in the Villa" di Netflix

Verona, le location del “Love in the Villa” di Netflix

From Juliet’s Balcony to Erby Square. The ones we’ll see in the new movie “Love in the Villa” From Netflix are the most famous places in Verona. The protagonist, Cat Graham, star of the TV series “The Vampire Diares,” will navigate the stately staircase of Palazzo Barbieri in his unmistakable neoclassical style to the alleys of the historic center of Venice.

The romantic plot of the film can only be set in the most romantic city in the world, the same city that was the backdrop for the most famous love story in history, the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Among the sets chosen to shoot the scenes of the love movie there is certainly the Ponte Pietra, the oldest bridge in the country Verona On the Adige River, the only one remaining from Roman times. There is the central Piazza Bra or simply “la Bra”, the largest square in the city. Then many squares, such as, for those who know the city, Sant’Eufemia, Viviani, Santi Apostoli, Bra Molinari Sant’Anastasia and San Giorgio, alleys such as Via dei Gelsi, Pellicciai, Madonna del Terraglio, Vicolo Santa Cecilia, Leoncino, the Capuleti River and the river Campagnola and Cangrande.

References to Juliet Capulet depicted by the genius of William Shakespeare would be inevitable. Here then is that (alleged) Giulietta’s house, which we all know so well, the (alleged) tomb, whose existence little is known (located within the gardens of the former monastery of San Francesco al Corso), will become an itinerary for restoring places not only for Shakespeare. Tragedy but also from the movie “Love in the Villa”.

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Verona won’t be the only location for a Netflix movie. There will be too Lake Garda, with its evocative views, and some scenes will show the Valerio Catullo Airport in Verona. Yes, because the story tells of an American girl who decides to take a trip to Verona after a disappointment in love. However, once she arrives, she discovers that the villa she booked has been, by mistake, given to another guest, a charming and cynical Englishman (actor Tom Hooper), with whom she will have to share the holidays.

With the release of this film, images of Verona and its surroundings will travel around the world, making even foreign tourists who have been away for a long time want to return to visit this wonderful city.

The famous Ponte Pietra in Verona