Sunday, July 21, 2024

Covid variant R.1, infection warning for vaccination and recovery


The R.1 variant of the coronavirus can infect the vaccine and cure the coronavirus. The new mutation of the virus could be more contagious and could puncture existing vaccines, Newsweek reports showing the overall picture: A variant has been identified in 35 countries, primarily Japan.

We read that the mutation that characterizes it could allow it to overcome the barrier of antibody protection in fully vaccinated people. According to data updated as of September 22, 10,567 cases have been recorded worldwide, according to information from At the top of the special ranking is Japan with 7,519 injuries and the United States with 2,259 injuries.

The total number of cases is still small. However, experts urge you to keep your guard up. Special space is given to the words of Professor William A. Haseltine, who was formerly at Harvard Medical School, explained to Forbes that the new variant could spread more easily thanks to 5 mutations – notably W152L – that could bring on R. 1 to increase antibody resistance. Therefore, R.1 can infect both people who have been vaccinated and people who have already recovered from the virus.

Moreover, the W152L mutation was also identified in India in a delta ‘sub-variant’. The World Health Organization continues to monitor variants and also classify them based on the extent of infection. The Eta, Iota, and Kappa variants have just been reduced from the status of ‘worry variants’ to ‘monitored’ variants.


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