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"I was told I stabbed a colleague in the back, but the truth is different"

“I was told I stabbed a colleague in the back, but the truth is different”

Lorella Kocarini guest very right He tells about his career that lasted 35 years. The dancer and TV presenter explains that she is very happy with this achievement: “I have enjoyed my work very much and I hope to continue to do so. I’ve always felt a strong sense of responsibility and I’ve always had a lot of respect from the public. There is an agreement with the public that is clear to me and I believe that until today our only real publisher is the public.”

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He then lists the difficult moments from a business point of view: “What I can say is that even in the tough moments I always had something to come back to and it’s not a trivial thing.” Then Silvia Tovanen asked her what happened to La Vita in Diretta: “I have been fortunate enough to find directors in my life who believe in me, as happened to La Vita live, and then there are voices who want to tell you how you are not. After 35 years, I think I’m not Having to prove anything, I’ve always been a free and independent woman. That was a great experience for me.”

Tovanin recalls that the last episode of the broadcast sent an email: “This wasn’t an email directed at the press or the public or else I would have used social media. I didn’t like talking about it, but now I think we need clarification. I was said to have stabbed a colleague in the back But it is not true, if there is an appeal it is someone else. What I wrote in the e-mail I already told the person in question several months ago.” The reference is clearly to Alberto Matano, but Cocharini then clarifies and makes it clear that she does not want to say anything else until Do not inflame other disagreements.

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Laurella then repeated an old statement of hers asserting that she is not a feminist: “Yes, that’s true, but because I don’t share all feminist thinking even if I thank the battles in the past that have given us so much today.” In this regard, she explains that she is a person who sometimes says uncomfortable and disparate things, but she does not want to give up her way of life and reiterates that she has always wanted to feel free to express herself.

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