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Vaccine Italy, the trend is growing: 476 thousand doses per day

Vaccine Italy, the trend is growing: 476 thousand doses per day

The trend of vaccine administration in Italy is growing. Average 476 thousand dose per day Compared to the previous week’s 465,570 daily levels. This is what emerges from the anti-Govt vaccination report. In total, 3,334,482 vaccines were administered last week, reaching more than 500,000 doses per day, for example, on May 13, 505,977 vaccines were registered.

29,583,060 vaccines have arrived in Italy, 2,666,410 were issued last week.

Rs and professional categories

Vaccination with the first dose for RSA hosts was almost complete with 97.44%, while 81.91% had two doses. 96.19% of health workers received the first dose and 82.50% received the second dose. For school staff: first dose 77.17% and second dose 11.86%.

Age of administration

75.16% of those over 70 years of age received the first dose of the vaccine and 20.40% completed the vaccination cycle. On the other hand, 4,002.91 people over the age of 80 have already received the first vaccine, equivalent to 88.51%, while both doses have already been given at 76.87%.

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