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Car license plate, these are 'expired': fine if yours is like this |  Apply for transfer immediately

Car license plate, these are 'expired': fine if yours is like this | Apply for transfer immediately

Penalties for expired license plates

Pay attention to the license plate mounted on your car, it may be illegal and you will be severely fined if they find it.

Each car is connected to a complete series Documents It defines its complete technical and bureaucratic compliance. From inspection certificate to road tax, car liability insurance to vehicle registration document, all these documents are mandatory to move freely and make the road environment clear and safe.

But the object is more classifiable than anything else as the car's true identity card Darga. Also mandatory, the license plate must be present and legible, but must comply with strict rules regarding dimensions, colors and lettering. Unlike the rest of the world—first the United States— License plates cannot be personalized in Italy.

The license plate allows immediate identification of the vehicle, therefore tracking the owner and all his data, video recordings (speed cameras or motorway toll booths, but not limited to), police intervention or a simple transfer of ownership as an essential function; The license plate is required by law to be registered with the PRAPublic Vehicle Registration.

But be careful: many people are suffering lately Heavy fines due to “expired” license plates, is falsely registered and therefore considered illegal under Italian law. Given the importance of these elements, it is best to find out immediately whether you are compatible or not.

New law on license plates

Correct and functional regulation of car license plates is an important step in the proper management of Italian private transport. The option to register license plates with the PRA greatly simplifies this control, but we continue to strive Improves and complements the existing system. There have been many changes in the past and some drivers are not updated.

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Specifically, it was decided to survey Foreign license plates If you are from the EU, you can move freely in the Italian territory while paying taxes in the country of registration. This topic has become importantIncrease in European license plates with permanent residence in Italy.

Be careful with foreign license plates

Foreign License Plate in Italy: What Does the Law Say?

In 2022, a law was passed requiring cars with foreign license plates to be registered REV, the registration of foreign vehicles must be continuously in circulation in Italy. Must be registered within 3 months of continuous use, but The European Union has declared this rule illegal Because it prevents free movement within the Schengen area.

To date, REVE registration can be avoided The owner of the carOr, living abroad Makes a declaration and gives his consent to use the car Third party driver on Italian soil. If you have a foreign license plate, we invite you to make sure you are compliant to avoid a fine of up to 1,600 euros.