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USA and Italy: So far but so close

USA and Italy: So far but so close

Two countries far apart in terms of economic potential. But in fact, regarding other very serious issues, they are definitely close, in fact…

When we talk about Public debt Obviously, our thoughts immediately turn to Italy as well because the mountain of accumulated debt weighs heavily on us.
But we have to get used to the fact that if we're not doing well, others who are more famous than us aren't much better.

Take, for example, the absolute standard, which assumes leadership at the global level or United States of America. Let's start with The United States is failing He is greater than the Italian. So let us never forget the weight that fiscal policy has played in stimulating consumption in the United States, a fiscal policy that obviously has its side effect, which is increasing public debt.

For now, if we take Ratio of public debt to GDPOur beautiful country is still ahead (not a good record) of the USA but is in second place international Monetary Fund Report, We will soon see a rapprochement between the United States and Italy, primarily due to interest on the same debt which is expected to grow strongly in the United States.

Where is the strange thing? Simply put, the United States, today, has a AAA rating, while its…β€œItaly is BBB.” We are on the verge of junk bond territory. In short, we are potential “fallen angels” while the United States enjoys the show. But it's worth it AAA from USA? Or, as I greatly fear, is it primarily a political question?

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