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US vs. Climate, Geoengineering

US vs. Climate, Geoengineering

What if a state decides on its own? Aerosol shielding How should other countries act against solar heat? why Geoengineering It can work (QComment ui by Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Colbert), but is at high risk Side effects. Most terrifying of all The result was shockingThe thermal backlash that occurs once you decide to turn off the shield (The result was shocking It is the title of the Prophet’s last novel Neil StephensonSome time ago we dedicated a cover) and then there Darba, the famous American Defense Advanced Research Institute, has decided to take care of that. By pitching a A monitoring system that makes extensive use of mathematical models and artificial intelligenceTo quickly understand, starting from the unusual changes in temperature, if someone somewhere in the world, He started playing God with the weather. This scenario that sounds like science fiction is not all. Already in 2019 Massimo Davoni, an expert in game theory at the Politecnico di Milano (We have heard about the usefulness of restorers) organized games in which 144 students could spend virtual money to achieve a specific climate outcome in various ways. Well, the most popular solutions were precisely in the category you know (Stratospheric aerosol injection) beyond the States, it is unlikely that even a millionaire would decide to go on his own. As in Stephenson’s novel. Once they catch him, but who interferes? It’s a question that opens up a whole series of new scenarios.

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