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Liquidation of state employees with a loan from the National Institute of Social Security: how it works

Liquidation of state employees with a loan from the National Institute of Social Security: how it works

resolution directors group Fromsnooze change the rules severance pay for state employees. They will no longer have to wait for the remainder of their liquidation until five years after retirement. Nor request the loan from the banks for the down payment. The institute knows today ProphetYou will pay all the amount owed 1% interest. In addition to a contribution by Pay the expenses at a fixed rate subordinate 0.50%. The standard is valid from February 1, 2023. And 1% interest is cheaper than current bank rates. Because in the meantime the advanced mechanism he created Conte government as far as 45 thousand euros With the ABI agreement it became less convenient.

End of service benefits for public sector employees

Let’s go in order. Currently me state workers Retirees get liquidation for periods of up to 5 years Compared to the day you quit work. Or rather: the public servant receives immediately 50 thousand euros. For the rest, whatever the amount, should at least wait 24 months. While those who go into early retirement are less than 62 years Have to wait for fulfillment 67 For filter strips. Not to mention the INPS delays themselves. Which often comes to urge people to wait up to 72 months to receive money. To solve this problem, in 2019, the introduction of liquidation arrived with the approval of the banks. agreement with B However, it states that the loan rate should be equal to the return plus a margin of 0.4%. Report is Gross Annual Return basket of Italian government bondsany sample yield of Fixed rate government securities. This is where the problem arose. Because in the meantime the shorter maturity has gone beyond the return 2.6%. While the longer you can reach it 4.5%. Thus, you get the liquidation advance from the banks that you get from spending 3 to me 4.8% in interest. Hence the need to stop the race of interests. And go down to the field snooze.

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What happens with filtering and INPs

with the Resolution No. 219 based on November 9 From directors group From February 2023 The Institute may pay employees in the public sector sums equal to the due liquidation at a rate of1% In addition to the expenses 0.5%. It can also be obtained All filter And not even just progress 45 thousand euros. Amounts will be paid net of interest, but settlement must be sold with with return condition against Inps. this is this means Which is implemented on the basis of successful completion. Then deliver the address It does not constitute a definitive investigation And the Do not release the debtor. This only comes with the check payment by the bank, because It can also be detected. Applications can only be submitted online. It will be accepted until allotted funds run out. Those who were excluded from the advance Contribution debt seamless or tax bills to modify.

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