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Unsuitable offer for Call of Duty -

Unsuitable offer for Call of Duty –

Jim Ryan, president of Sony, spoke of an inadequate show for the series Call of duty Made by Microsoft to me Play StationAttacking competitors directly. Ryan basically revealed the deal that Phil Spencer proposed: to keep the series on PlayStation platforms for another three years, in addition to those stipulated in existing agreements with Activision.

Ryan who talked about it in an official letter sent to Gamesindustry.bizThe offer was insufficient for many reasons.

Jim Ryan attacked Microsoft head-on

The current deal between Sony and Activision is expected to cover the next three years, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. For Ryan, the offer Spencer It will not take into account the impact of this choice on PlayStation players.

Rayan: “I had no intention of commenting on what I meant as a private business conversation, but I feel the need to clarify, because Phil Spencer made the matter public.

Microsoft only offered to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation for three years after the current deal between Sony and Activision expired. After nearly 20 years of Call of Duty on PlayStation, their proposal has not been appropriate on many levels and has not taken into account the impact on our players. We want to ensure that PlayStation players continue to have the best possible experience with Call of Duty and that Microsoft’s proposal undermines that principle.”

Ryan’s speech is interesting for more than one reason. Meanwhile, it clearly shows that Call of Duty is a naked nerve at the top of the PlayStation, who really fear losing the series. It also reveals that Xbox already intends to make Call of Duty a series exclusive.

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