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McLaren Artura Spyder test, technical data, opinions and dimensions 3.0 V6 Turbo


Completely new engine

It has a strange name (combining the words “art” and “future”) and a completely new mechanic McLaren Arthur Which also arrives three years after launch in a different form Spider With a hardtop that can be folded in just 11 seconds (even on the move, up to 50 km/h) and various technical innovations for both body styles. the first Ibrida supercar A series of McLaren (which in previous years experimented with electrification in some limited editions such as the P1 and Speedtail Hypercars) said goodbye to the V8 engine in favor of a V6 3.0 With 605 hp and 585 Nm of torque, it features a very wide bank angle (120 degrees) and a specific “Hot VOr with the turbines positioned in the “V” center to shorten the intake and exhaust ducts as much as possible and thus reduce turbo lag.

Not that the turbine’s delayed response is much to worry about McLaren Arturataking into account that it is located between the combustion engine and the (robotic) gearbox Double claw 8-speed) There is an electric unit with 95 hp and 225 Nm of torque that works from the first moment you press the accelerator, bringing the combined power to 700 hp and 720 Nm of torque. Enough to blow up a McLaren Artura Spider And 0 at 100 km/h In just 3 seconds and – most impressively – making it reach 200 km/h, again from a standstill, in just 8.4 seconds. The maximum speed – which McLaren engineers point out is self-limiting – is 330 kilometers per hour.

On tap (if you want)

To the numbers that describe the performance of the new McLaren Artura Spider Along with other things that are more “exotic” for a supercar: a starting range of 33 km, for example, or autonomous driving in 100% electric mode. This is thanks to the 7.4 kWh battery pack, which is placed directly behind the seats so as not to affect the weight balance, and which recharges from a regular household socket in about two and a half hours. McLaren Artura is one of them ibrida pluginbut in order not to run out of “battery” and always have all the cavalry available, you do not necessarily have to plug it in: the gasoline V6 takes care of it, especially when driving in spirit – to keep the battery charged.

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Hybrid yes, but mild

With such a sophisticated powertrain and a (heavy) battery to carry around, it’s only natural that the kilos on the scale will grow, but thanks to a myriad of technical solutions and a solid carbon monocoque, McLaren has managed to contain Weight For the car (1.457 kg Dry) also with this spider type that he puts on the board 62 kg more It has a soft top and opening and closing mechanism, but thanks to the composite material “frame” it does not require body reinforcements to ensure the same levels of rigidity as the Coupé.

A few simple controls

Well, that’s the theory in a nutshell, but how do all these numbers translate into the driving experience? What surprises you once you get going is not the sheer performance – which naturally sticks you to the seat – but how this complex engine works in perfect harmony, highlighting the car’s other dynamic qualities. McLaren Artura Spider. There aren’t a lot of useless driving modes, but there are two selectors on either side of the dashboard through which you can determine the suspension calibration and behavior of the motors on it. Four levels: EV, i.e. driving on electric power only, Comfort (heating and electric motor work together or alternately to achieve maximum efficiency), Sport and Race, i.e. the two modes dedicated to sporty driving where maximum performance is provided.

What has changed!

the Pay And strong Already at low revs thanks to the electric motor’s instant torque, once the V6 is engaged, it reaches the set redline of 8,500 rpm in the blink of an eye. Gear changes are very quick (improved by 25% compared to Artura Coupés already on the road) and when using the paddles behind the carbon fiber steering wheel you can hear a very satisfying ‘click’. McLaren technicians have worked hard on this Engine soundIt also improved compared to the first one McLaren Artura It hits the road thanks to a comprehensive overhaul of the exhaust ducts which has improved the sound, especially at high revs. The result is pleasing to the ear, and even better with the top down or with the small rear window down, although it’s not on par with the sound of the 3.8-litre V8 in the previous McLaren 540C and 570S.

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An “old school” choice that pays off

AwesomeAgility through curves, thanks to the solid carbon monocoque, but also thanks to the “surgical” and very communicative steering. In fact, McLaren has remained one of the very few manufacturers that has remained faithful to hydraulic power steering: the vast majority of cars (including sports cars) use electric controls, which are simpler and more compact, but also more “filtered”. from the steering wheel McLaren Artura SpiderOn the other hand, you can accurately perceive the level of grip available and what’s going on under the wheels, despite not having to deal with tense steering. The result is that you feel more connected to the car and better understand its limits.

Brakes hard but…

flaws? It is difficult to find it while driving, also thanks to the well-calibrated shock absorbers that mimic the irregularities of asphalt well, always ensuring a great deal of contact with the road and – in the case of comfort – also a fair amount of comfort. POWERFUL BRAKES: 390 mm front (with 6-piston calipers) and 380 mm rear (4-piston calipers) carbon-ceramic discs bring the car to a halt McLaren Artura Spider From 100 km/h in just 31 metres, and from 200 km/h in just 124 metres. However, the feel of the brake pedal is distinct and in some ways reminiscent of the feel of some race cars. You have to press the pedal hard Let the discs “bite.” to the pads, while very little happens in the first part of the pedal stroke; We would have preferred a more progressive leadership. So, the tank (with a capacity of 65 litres) could have been more spacious: when you start driving quickly around corners, the gasoline indicator drops very quickly.

Weekends are not a problem

It is 454 cm long, 198 cm wide and only 119 cm high McLaren Artura Spider It’s a relatively compact supercar, but it offers a fair amount of practicality for such an extreme car; Starting with the (deep) front load compartment with a capacity of 160 litres, which is enough to fit two strollers in the cabin without worry. From the wonderful doors to Open the butterfly You enter the passenger compartment which is basic in design but nicely finished with ample Alcantara upholstery and numerous storage compartments (even if there is no drawer in the dashboard): clever compartments for storing the phone that it holds and does not make it “fly away” when you lift it The steering wheel does not have No buttons On the spokes: Everything is controlled from the satellites on the column and from the central infotainment screen. The latter has intuitive 8-inch diagonal menus, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but it’s not the most defined and the large black bezels around the screen make it look a bit dated.

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Curvy and aerodynamic

design McLaren Artura Spider It reinterprets many of the key elements of the English manufacturer’s supercars, such as the front, which features a single design element comprising the headlights and air inlets, the exhaust terminals at the top of the rear, and the generally sinuous lines dictated by aerodynamic efficiency. In this various spider shapes They change a little Compared to the coupe, however, new pillars have been introduced with a transparent surface that improves visibility by three-quarters. the Hard roofSo it can be made of glass and electrochemical (9,330 euros): just press a button to make it dark and filter out up to 96% of sunlight.

And you want to be comfortable…

There is a wide range of safety features and accessories – standard or paid – which includes all the major accessories Electronic driving aids Such as blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and emergency braking (even in the rear). All of this is offered in a €5,640 package, while to get full LED headlights with automatic high beams, a 360-degree camera, the aforementioned wireless smartphone charger and a 12-speaker sound system, you’ll have to spend €8,100. The other almost “basic” options for a car like this are the system Front axle lift (2,840 euros) and a sports exhaust system (4,520 euros).

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