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Unmoving misses a penalty, Sarri is half satisfied

Unmoving misses a penalty, Sarri is half satisfied

90′ – Match over, 0-0 only.

89 & # 39; – Marcos Antonio, let’s go with a right you can: get it a lot.

85′- A ball made by Qatar, Luis Alberto immediately tried to take out a strong right.

84 ‘- First work from Qatar. Ali is ahead of the net, but it’s an obvious offside.

82′ – Sparks on the pitch between advisors and Abdel Karim: The Lazio striker hits a little bit on the ground and the defender gets up and turns for deduction.

75′ – Sarri also brought in Adamonis and Keane in place of Maximiano and Milinkovic.

71′ – Another change for Sarri who removes Gela and enters Kamenovic.

66′ – out of Felipe Anderson and Immobile for Luca Romero and Cancelleri. The captain’s armband passes to Milinkovic.

62 & # 39; – Other changes to Lazio. Inside Casale, Hysaj and Marusic for Romagnoli, Lazzari and Radu.

59′ – A great lock-up move in the rear, then the defender deflected for a corner kick.

57′ – First yellow of the match: Marosic. The linebacker makes a mistake runs. Nothing has been done about Qatar’s punishment.

51′ – Great play by Milinkovic from behind and from a tight angle, he tried the ball. Ball out a little.

46′ – Replay the second half. Lazio and Qatar resume from 0-0. For Sarri at Marcos Antonio, Luis Alberto and Zaccani for Cataldi, Pasek and Pedro.

The end of the first half

45′ + 3′ – the first half ends. It was practically played only in the Qatar half, but Lazio, after the penalty kick that Immobile missed in the opening, was unable to break the deadlock thanks to his superb saves. Youssef.

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43′ – Cataldi tries again from afar, the ball takes a good turn, but explodes over the bar.

41′ – Pedro’s super slalom slalom starting right and centering, then dropping. Free kick from a great position. It’s basic, but it’s just a roadblock.

37 & # 39; – Cataldi tries from the outside, a very high ball that ends a lot.

33′- Youssef, another great intervention. Pedro’s shot at the far post, the goalkeeper extends and makes a corner.

31′ – Very Low Rhythms in Salzburg. Lazio attacks, but always criticizes the opponent’s defensive line. It must be remembered that Biancocelesti trained in the morning.

26′ – Pedro, what an upside-down! The ball deviated from the Spaniard’s play, and Joseph enjoyed and refused to help the column.

25′ – Milinkovic free kick on the goalkeeper’s post: Youssef is keen and refuses.

24′ – penalty from the edge of Lazio after a foul touch Mustafa is under the scrutiny of the referee.

23′ – A very powerful shot from Gela from the edge of the area and the ball hit a corner kick from one of the defenders.

20′ – Lazio holds the match in hand, but fails to dash. Qatar’s defense is very close at the back with five men on the defensive line plus the assisting midfielders.

14 & # 39; – Introducing Marusic, who attempts a round shot. He refuses Joseph there was also an offside.

13′ – The confrontation between Felipe Anderson and Immobili does not end: the pass of the Brazilian does not reach the Biancoceleste launcher who is already in the area.

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9′- Constant roars a penalty kick! The entire Lazio striker, the score remains 0-0.

7′ – Lazio penalty! Cataldi candidate for Felipe Anderson, the Brazilian is overwhelmed by the goalkeeper Youssef. For the referee, it’s a penalty.

3′ – First Lazio corner kick: Scheme between Cataldi and Milinkovic, then the ball in the middle. Qatar Liberation Defense.

1′ – Let’s go! First ball Lazio.

Lazio – Qatar, official squads

Lazio (4-3-3): Maximiano. Lazzari, Gila, Romagnoli, Marosic; Milinkovic, Cataldi, Pasek; F. Anderson, Constant, Pedro. Available: Adamonis, Forlanito, Patrick, Casal, Radu, Kamenovic, Hisage, Marcos Antonio, Bertini, Kean, Luis Alberto, Zacani, Cancelleri, Moro, Romero. Coach: Maurizio Sarri

Qatar (5-3-2): Youssef. Correa, Hammam, Boualem, Tarek, Abdelkrim; Mustapha, Boudiaf, Thimen; Ali Afif. Available: Hassan Ahmed, Bassam, Mohamed Mohamed, A. Mohamed, Musab, Ismail, father. Ahmed, Abdul Rahman, Muhammad, Jassim, Al Ahmad, Youssef, Osama, Abdul Aziz, Mishaal, Salah, Asim. Coach: Felix Sanchez

Referee: Andreas Gruber (Austria)

Assistants: Marcinko-Caps