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Ukraine and Russia respond to the assurances of the United States: "Insufficient. Without security guarantees we will respond, even militarily"

Ukraine and Russia respond to the assurances of the United States: “Insufficient. Without security guarantees we will respond, even militarily”

“over there Russia You will have to answeralso through Technical and military measuresif not available United States of America to discuss Guarantees for your safetyThis is the darkest scenario outlined in the 11 pages of responses that Russia sent to the United States today, after the exchange of requests that took place in recent weeks between flies and mass Boy. The information was published through the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was published shortly after its publication under, is not yet known why. The fact remains that the union asks a Washington A “New Security Equation” to Rebalance the Eastern Front of the Ed. Avoid military escalation. Escalating it is dangerous, even for the second time Joe Bidenremains “very high”, with the possibility of a Russian attack in Ukraine “in the next few days”.

In the document sent to White Housethe Kremlin It is said anyway “Ready to talk” With the West, but it confirms that Red lines and strategic interests On the security front I set up “ignored”: “This is unacceptable – we read – constructive reactions did not come from the United States and NATO.” Specifically, Moscow returns to ask about Withdraw all troops and weapons from Southeast Europe and the Baltic states. He adds that the United States did not respond to Russia’s request return nuclear weapons And refrain from further distributing these weapons outside its borders. The personal veto is repeatedNATO expansion to the eastEspecially with the integration of Ukraine into the Atlantic bloc: “If Ukraine joins NATO, Kiev will probably try to The return of the Crimea by forcedragging us into conflict,” they wrote. Russia expects NATO to make concrete proposals on how to make legally binding assurances that eastward expansion will not occur.

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Then the ministry focuses on the question related to Control of missile systems It shows that the variable proposed by the United States in Aegis Ashur in a RomaniaAnd Poland And “some sites” in western Russia “can be adopted for further development. The option, proposed by the American side, regarding the development of our idea of ​​cross-verification procedures in relation to Aegis Ashore systems in Romania and Poland, as well as some sites in European parts of Russia, can be adopted for further of development.”

For his part, the US President continues to sound the alarm about a possible “imminent” invasion of the Russian army. ‘We have reason to believe’ that Russia is preparing Operation “pseudoscience” In Ukraine, he said while speaking to reporters.