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In San Basilio, Utter settlements occupied by members of two clans were removed

In San Basilio, Utter settlements occupied by members of two clans were removed

Two apartments illegally occupied by two members of the Marando and Papillo clans were vacated today in San Basilio. Tremendous style action coordinated by the province of Rome via Montegiorgio 25 and Fabriano 31. About 200 guards are on the field, including 100 from the state police.

The evacuations are being carried out by agents of the Rome Capital Police, the Urban Social Security Committee and the Emergency Public Safety Committee, with the assistance of staff from the mobile department of the State Police.

Clan apartments were destroyed

The first apartment, the third of the interior of the L stairs, was occupied by someone who was alone there. Second, one of the two of the D stairs via Fabriano comes from a family with a father, mother and a son. The move was made on February 3 by the Provincial Council for Public Order and Security, headed by the Prefect.

The bunker under Marando’s house

The apartment via Fabriano was occupied by Luigi Marando, Grandson of the famous Rosario Marando, Layer of Andrangetta. Searches were conducted prior to the evacuation, which involved the seizure of about 80 grams of hashish in the amount of 1500 1500 and above all a bunker in the basement of the apartment. Luigi Marando was thus recommended to the Judicial Officer and his position is now under consideration.

The second exodus, “the well-known criminal as the leading representative of the San Pacilio store,” includes the residence of Davis Pupillo, son-in-law of Luigi Pupillo, illustrating the evidence of Palazzo Valentini. About 50 grams of hashish was seized during the search, for which he will be remanded to the province.

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Zingaretti: “There are companies”

Commenting on the move, Lacio Regional President Nicola Zingaretti recalled: “Early this morning, the Utter of Rome joined forces with the regimental forces to thank the women and men of the local police force. Removed community houses occupied by two families belonging to Pablo without any title.

“The action, co-ordinated by City Table, directed by Prefect Matteo Piantosi, whom I am grateful for, continues to be implemented in the neighborhoods, and is often filled with ink in the black news papers. Today in San Basilio, Dor Bella with the Mokia family in Monaco, Without any belt, intervened to evict those who had arrogantly occupied public houses. Frequent misappropriations to establish a ‘specific power’ in the territory. There are organizations that, as they have already done, will continue in a joint action aimed at eradicating the underworld and crime in various Roman neighborhoods, with associations and citizens fighting every day for legitimacy “.

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