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Two identical galaxies have been discovered in space: how is this possible?

Two identical galaxies have been discovered in space: how is this possible?

Can a complex structure like a galaxy, with its millions of possible variables, have a “mirror” version of it? Obviously not. at most This is what scientists thought until 2013, when they discovered two of these very similar structures and even next to each other. Today the mystery has been solved.

Hulk, called Hamilton object (“Hamilton object”), was discovered on the Hubble Space Telescope by astronomer Timothy Hamilton of Shawnee State University. It seems that the two galaxies have Same shape, same dark lines Through the galactic bulge, which is the central region of the galaxy where most stars are located.

We were really confusedHamilton said. In 2015, astronomer Richard Griffiths of the University of Hawaii, during a meeting, pointed the finger at an alleged (and rare) phenomenon: gravity lens. How it works? If a huge object is between us and the galaxy we are observing, the gravity of the massive object can do it distorts the light, which creates a magnification effect due to the gravitational curvature of spacetime around the object we are observing.

Therefore, the light we observe comes after the torsion effect It is often enlarged and doubled. Certainly a more likely suggestion than having two imaged galaxies. However, one question remained unanswered: What causes gravitational reversal? It wasn’t long after the answer, and it turns out that between us and the Hamilton object hides a poorly studied group of galaxies ( Slow gravity is necessary to study the universe).

L ‘Hamilton’s body is about 11 billion light-years awayWhile the cluster is about 7 billion light-years away. Computer simulations determined that the duplicate images could only be generated if the dark matter distribution was uniform on the small scales. So, finally, there is a solution (the thing that has no solution, instead, is A mysterious galaxy called the Hoag . object).

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The two mirror images of the galaxy were created because of It stretches on a “ripple” in spacetime, a region caused by the gravity of filaments of dark matter.