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TV Bonus, Money back if you buy a new TV and cancel your old TV

TV Bonus, Money back if you buy a new TV and cancel your old TV

Bonus TV benefits: If you plan to buy a new device, there is a refund, which increases by canceling the old device.

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TV bonusThe provision designed to ensure that users renew the equipment in their possession in order to equip themselves with more modern devices compliant to adapt to the new MPEG-4 digital terrestrial signal standard has several advantages.

It will in fact be possible to refund up to 130 euros for the purchase of a device. It all starts from a treasury of about 68 million euros allocated by the government. The transition from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 for digital land began in October 2021 and has already been completed in Sardinia.

Until spring, it will affect the regions of northern Italy, with the adoption of the new signal that will gradually affect other parts of our country. For those who do not adapt for a variety of reasons, many TV channels that are part of the Rai range will not be possible in a year.

TV Scholarship, details on how to get it

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And many other major channels like TgCom24, Italia 2, different kids channels and some TV radio like Virgin Radio Tv and Radio 105 channels for example. In 2023, if we do not adapt to the new digital terrestrial format, it will not be possible to use these broadcasters. And Bonus TV is catalyst for change.

It is necessary to replace old TVs – in general some models produced before 2016 and 2017 – as well as some set-top boxes, with others made more recently. To get the TV bonus, you must refer to the ISEE.

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Indeed, for its use it will be mandatory to present the appropriate certificate e Not exceeding 20 thousand euros per year. However, there is also another type of TV bonus, which is known as TV Scrapping, in which there is no restriction associated with an individual’s annual income.

Differences between the two types of rewards

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As for the TV bonus itself, it’s to be expected A contribution of 30 euros To purchase a modern TV or decoder for the DVBT-2 / HEVC satellite receiver. It is applied by deducting this amount from the expenses to be incurred.

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With TV cancelled, everything applies to TVs purchased before December 22, 2018. Here there is a 20% discount if you buy a new TV and at the same time you cancel the old TV. All this for a discount of 30 euros on the TV bonus plus another hundred for scrap with a maximum of 130 euros in compensation that can be obtained.

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Among the other requirements that must be met you must have residency in italy And I have Pay the licensing fee regularly, without being insolvent and having arrears. This is not the case for citizens 75 years of age or older, as they are exempt.

Below is a list of devices that are compatible with the bonus

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