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Turkey: Music stops at midnight, revolt against Erdogan – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ISTANBUL, June 22 – “Sorry, but no one has the right to disturb others at night.” With these words, after announcing to the nation the lifting of major anti-Covid restrictions from July 1, including the night curfew, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan justified his government’s decision last night to reform the closure of concert halls and music interruptions. In clubs at midnight. An initiative that has sparked a storm of controversy on social media, with thousands of users accusing the CEO of exploiting the pandemic to punish lifestyles he disapproves of. “We are upset” (#kusurabakiyoruz), is the hashtag that has gone viral in these hours, mirroring the words of the head of state. The music world’s protest also came immediately.

Singer Gay Su Akyol commented on Twitter, addressing Erdogan directly: “If it bothers you, don’t listen to it.” “Music doesn’t bother you, but it heals troubled souls. Musicians don’t bother, they produce art,” tweeted singer Aileen Aslam. Strong reactions are also coming from the opposition, according to which the executive branch is “not fighting the coronavirus, but other people’s lifestyles”, and from the business world, which is also expressing concern about possible future restrictions on the hours of selling alcohol. (handle).

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