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Honda Super Cub C125

Super Cub C125, the best selling car in the world

The scooter that debuted in Europe in 2018 is now ready for 2022 with some important things Engine and Style Updates. This famous two-wheeled vehicle has been produced since 1958 in Japan, marking the 10th anniversary of Honda’s founding, and it was intended to bring joy and interest into people’s lives.

To do this, designers Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fuhisawa thought of a practical, reliable and efficient car. And so the Super Cub was born, which broke the record in 2017 as the best-selling car, and succeeded globally. 60 years later, with Production of 100 million unitsHonda kept its promise to give people power.

Marketed only in Japan and Southeast Asia, starting in 2018, Super Cub is expanding and renewing itself with the iconic Super Cub C125, appreciated by European users as well. Once again, Honda prepares to face the future, 2022, with Complete restyling. The C125’s updates are about the engine and consumption, but it’s also about the appearance that maintains its distinctive character.

Starts from Brand new engine: Composed of electronic syringe and air-cooled cylinder, solid and efficient. The airbox has been redesigned, it is smaller in size, and combined with the position of the input and injector, it improves driving pleasure. The Super Cub’s signature muffler remained the same on the outside. The inside, however, is a catalyst for Access to EURO5 standards and improve combustion. The modernization of the control unit and the increase in generator power make this scooter exceptional in terms of performance and consumption (66.7 km / l).

New Design Honda Super Cub C125

The The design of the Super Cub 125 remains the same Albeit with great updates. The saddle becomes two-seater and passenger footrests are inserted. The suspension configuration, with new springs and rear shock absorbers, provides better driving stability. Finally, full LED headlights and a standard smart switch add a touch of modernity that’s a must-have today while maintaining a distinct aesthetic.

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Honda makers goal:It plays a beneficial role in people’s liveswas respected Super Cub C125 gets the most people moving Maintaining solidity, comfort and timeless elegance.