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Covid, third dose and vaccine mix: Burioni's last lesson

Covid, third dose and vaccine mix: Burioni’s last lesson

In the final episode of “Che tempo che fa”, virologist Roberto Burioni spoke about his usual lesson on Covid.

Virus World Roberto Burioni Intervene in the final episode of the season “Che tempo che fa”, the broadcast hosted by Fabio Fazio on Rai 3. The virologist seized the opportunity to assess the Covid pandemic, which according to the president of Istituto Superiore di Sanità Silvio Prosavero “Turns into beauty,” restoring the most important moments of the past year and a half.

Burioni called in the first place the most Young To be vaccinated against Covid as soon as possible: “They should be vaccinated for two reasons: they can infect others and schools are usually a very important repository for the reproduction of all viruses. Even if children and young people do not seem to have consequences, it is much better to vaccinate them.”

In the next few hours, as the Minister of Health explained Roberto Speranza During the transfer, Aifa must grant approval for Pfizer to be vaccinated for Ranging from 12 to 15 years oldAfter the green light from the Exponential Moving Average.

Covid, vaccine combination and third dose: Burioni’s opinion

About possible The third dose After completing the vaccination course, Burioni set the criteria to understand the appropriate time: “When the first vaccination continues to be infected again, this is the moment when we have to get a booster shot.”

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Esperanza repeated a similar concept: “It is very likely that a third dose of vaccine will be necessary, which is a booster dose that will likely be modified to cover the variants.”

but Mix the doses of different vaccinesInstead, Burioni explained, “There are experimental data indicating that the practice of changing the two vaccines, as well as vaccinating with a single dose, leads toBut strong immunity“.

Then the virologist spent a few words to clarify what is meant by herd immunity: “This means that the virus arrived and no longer reproduces. But if we look at what happened to Israel, the transmission has stopped. The disease is under control.”

Covid, the most important moments for Borioni

Then Burioni recalled the most important moments of the epidemic: “I personally believe that one of the images we will never forget is the Easter celebrations of the Holy Father in Saint Peter’s Square is empty, Surrealism “.

With reference to the publication of the first data onThe effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccineBurioni said, “I remember two feelings when I read this news: great joy, but there was also a great idea,” very good To be correct. ”But I was satisfied the following week when the results of another vaccine appeared, which provided identical data.

Then the virologist concluded his speech by recalling the importance of vaccination:VacinativeDo good, and so do the community at large. “

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