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"No red carpet ...".  Polveriera Pd: What they are preparing for Lotta

“No red carpet …”. Polveriera Pd: What they are preparing for Lotta

There will be problems no matter what happens. With an “inevitable” Congress after the election of the new president of the Republic. But even if the executives have not done exactly that before, especially in Rome and Naples, the two cities that mark the difference between success and failure. To the Secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico LettaTough weeks. The first problem is the election round in October, which sees him directly on the field for the sub-rounds in Siena. Evidence from the Democrats’ statement that “references to his election are positive”. But there are also those in the office who highlight the leader’s mistakes. Saying “I will resign if I lose” is a sign of weakness. It shows insecurity, ”he observes A sub.

Southern Front

The reason is clear: “When he comes to the polls, when he comes to the room, he can not find a group to unroll the red carpets and cheer his arrival, because it is clear that he wants to closely monitor the members of parliament. For what reason is he so upset?” , Our efforts have never been respected at the political level. Work for months on issues set aside in a drawer. “Dissatisfaction is particularly strong among delegates from the South. . Then we take it in Salvini’s records … “. The issues raised by the regions in Calabria include:” Everything is lost.

The main part of the referendum

In short, this is the climate in the middle of Dem. In the background is the euthanasia and the referendum on cannabis. Sooner or later both issues will have to be dealt with with inevitable internal conflicts. Postponing a position, Lotta took the time. Nevertheless, even in his secretariat, there are those who at least push for an initial statement for legalization. Another representative on the left noted: “Postponing a decision is tantamount to not taking it. As a result, it means that the train missed the possibility of encountering people. Pippo Sivathi, One of the promoters of the manuscript collection “The Democrats’ voice is deaf and very silent”.

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Ceasefire of former Ranger

At this point, however, Letta can count on the “electoral pact” cited by former ranchers referring to the current reformist platform led by the defense minister. Lorenzo Curini, Con Luca Lottie. The strategy at this point is to wait for management’s decisions. “Symptoms are positive”. So “it is difficult to ask Congress after a good decision. However, it cannot be postponed indefinitely. Translated: With the election of a new head of state, the goal is to secure the legislature and then begin internal counting. To dismiss Letta.