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Tragedy!  Destroyed Viola and Ornella

Tragedy! Destroyed Viola and Ornella

Let’s take a look at the previews of the episode Un Posto al Sole that aired on August 12, 2022. In Plots of the Soap broadcast on Rai3, Ornella’s entertainment day soon turns into a tragedy. Meanwhile, Roberto and Marina may have found the right person as their maid.

Let’s see what conspiracies From place in the sun to Episode 12 August 2022. here you are What will happen In the’The episode aired at 8.45pm on me Ray 3: Making peace between Raffaele and Ornella but for the two And the for their families is expected big disturbances. Tragedy hit them And forever spoils harmony. What will happen? while Roberto And the MarinaAnd the Search from U.S Domestic workerAnd the know a girl With mysterious magic and that He might convince them to give her a chance. Julia can’t stand it who – which Mr. Peppe doing a work court but boogie He might change his mind soon And repent of his mistreatment.

Tragedy for the Giordano Bruni family in Un Posto al Sole Anticipazioni August 12, 2022

Raphael And the Ornella They finally have make peace. Jordan’s efforts paid off, but soon they paid off The serenity of the moment gives way to tears. The predecessor From place in the sun there reveal That, before the whole family gets together and celebrate this moment with a nice lunch, Tragedy will befall her. viola And the Ornella they will be annoyed what will happen h Someone could risk their life. all wrong Lilo Valsano’s revengeHe is determined to teach Eugenio Nicotera and Raffaele Giordano a lesson.

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Un Posto al Sole predictions: Roberto and Marina hire a new waitress

Roberto suggested Marina to move in with him And Giordano, after a moment of bewilderment, kissed this grandmother. The predecessor From place in the sun there reveal who – which The two will begin to live together with The problem to be solved: Looking for a new maid. In fact, Lara sent Silvana away and now there is no one left to take care of Ferry’s house. a Mysterious new characterAnd the girlAnd the It will be presented at Palazzo Palladini for They are appointed by the spouses. Despite some hesitation Roberto and Marina can give her a chance to enter their home.

Un Posto al Sole predictions: Julia is upset with Mr Peppe but risks repentance

The predecessor From place in the sun there reveal who – which Julia will continue to receive the court From Mr. Peppe. boogie is Very annoyed his way but On August 12, 2022 We will see that About to change your mind. Julia I might have done that amisconception about it He may realize that he made a mistake.

Let’s find out everything Weekly advances for Un Posto al Sole August 8-12, 2022.

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