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Turin in space - Turin for free

Turin in space – Turin for free

It will also be the “spatial” and cultural middle of August, which, according to tradition, takes place every year in the summer in ARMY yardThe Green Point rises between Corso Monte Lungo and Corso Galileo Ferraris.

In addition to ballroom dancing, Latin American, country, covers of famous songs, bands and the excellent food of local restaurants, Punto Verde opened this year to culture: meetings with authors of novels, articles and cultural events in general.

Turin in space

The following dates, August 9-19, are for Turin in spacea series of meetings organized by Famija Turineisa with Zone 2. (Free entry).

Antonio Lo Campo, science journalist
Antonio Lo Campo, science journalist

A scientific journalist specializing in the aviation sector will rotate Antonio Lo CampoWhich he will encounter on the first day (August 9, 7 p.m.), in conversation with him Ludovico Polito (Press) The theme “Italy’s past and future in space”, which has long been considered the industrial capital of the sector, first with the developments of aviation and then space exploration, where Turin is still a global player.

Evening of August 11 (7 pm) Marco Ambrosio It will talk on a topic from science fiction to reality (August 11) and will explain the tricks that science fiction cinema has devised and is still using for its most famous films, as well as showing how science fiction in the past has predicted many technological realities that have come true.

Liliana Ravagnolo At the Altec Space Center in Turin, it will present on the 16th (7pm)”List of astronautsRecounting the experiences astronauts had in selecting and producing their own ‘space food’ and tracing the story of how astronauts’ food changed, and Gian Paolo Grasino, of Cisu, on the 19th (again at 7 p.m.) will report on UFOs in Turin and Piedmont, with the most famous (and mysterious, but perhaps all with scientific explanations) cases of UFOs in Turin and Piedmont. The 11th, 16th and 19th meetings will be presented by Antonio Lo Campo.

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