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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck passionate kisses at the airport

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck passionate kisses at the airport

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Suitable for this occasion

photo Jennifer Lopez NS Ben Affleck On the runway at Los Angeles, California, they melt even the hardest of hearts. The footage is so sweet that it feels like the highlight of a romantic movie. love between Benifer He is thriving and they have no intention of hiding.

return torch

Rumors of the return of the flame between the two, after 17 years of farewell, began to spread shyly last spring, after JLo and JLo’s engagement broke up. Alex Rodriguez. The first stolen, indiscretions, until official confirmation, photos arrived in July, during an Italian vacation of the couple on a luxury yacht. Jennifer Lopez NS Ben Affleck kiss with affection And that passion has not waned yet, judging by the latest footage that has emerged.

Passion at the airport

The paparazzi filmed the couple intent on greeting each other at the airport. Jennifer was leaving for New York and Ben wanted us to go with her. The Benifer They laugh, exchange secrets and tenderness, hug tightly. She climbs the stairs of the private plane, then calls her back for one last kiss. At the age of 52 and 49 years Jennifer Lopez NS Ben Affleck They are going through a second spring and they are happier than ever.

A warm hug for JLo

The world famous fashion designer this time Jennifer Lopez I have put aside short dresses, sequins and stilettos. On his trip, he actually chose comfortable but highly tailored clothes. Dark goggles, ripped jeans and a baggy one Birkin from Hermes In the most classic color, black. When JLo headed out into the cold of the Big Apple, she decided to run into hiding with an oversized teddy coat with more animal details. Fitness Trainer. An envelope dress that will surely keep her warm. She waits until she can get back into her strong and welcoming arms Ben Affleck.

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