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Bonus part time da 550 euro in arrivo

Part-time bonus of 550 euros, INPS INSTRUCTIONS: HOW TO GET IT

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Part time bonus coming. INPS file First instructions on me Compensation of 550 euros in female workers and ai Part-time vertical patrol workers. But nothing is certain yet and Submitting orders There is still a wait. (Explore the Latest News on Rewards, Rem, Rdc and Single Check. Read on Telegram All the news about Invalidity and Law 104. Get the latest updates on rewards, personal finance and business on your mobile every day: Enter WhatsApp groupIn the Telegram group In the Facebook group. you write on instagram All your questions. Watch free bonus video guides on YouTube channel. To continue reading the article on your mobile, click on «Read on» after the photo below).


Part-time bonus: Who does it belong to

Part-time bonus provided byArticle 2 bis of the Law on Transferring the Assistance Decree.

The metric is predicted for 2022 pay compensation lump sum Equal to 550 EUR For vertical rotating workers and part-time workers.

Benefit is recognized in the presence of details Requirements:

  • After being pregnant in 2021 from a Vertical periodic part-time employment contractwith periods not fully functioning for at least 1 month continuously and generally between 7 and 20 weeks;
  • Not be the owner, on the date of application, of a other business relationship Other than vertical periodic part-time;
  • Don’t be a wage earner NASpI unemployment benefit;
  • not be the owner pension treatment.

It should be noted that Part-time bonus It is recognized for male and female workers only once for the year 2022 and does not contribute to income formation.

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Part Time Bonus: Available Resources

Such as Message number 3097 of 2022the task to move forward in compensation payment lump sum part time vertical rotating He has been assigned to INPS and is also required to monitor Compliance with spending limit The results of this activity are reported to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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Sent for part-time bonus 30 million euros. The institute asserts:

“According to the above regulatory text, if the above monitoring reveals The occurrence of deviationsalso in the future, in connection with the spending limit mentioned above, the Institute will not take any other measures to grant compensation”.

It follows that it will be necessary to redirect the file Question at the right timebut for now, it is not yet time for Submitting orders.

Prospective recipients can request payment to INPS through the appropriate Internet service Which will be activated on the institutional portal. But for now, everything still stands, «With the subsequent circular, in implementation of the aforementioned ruling, the Detailed operational indicators of the measure concerned.Institute concludes.

Part-time bonus: what is it?

The vertical remuneration for part-time workers is a One time contribution Equal 550 EUR Disbursed by INPS to cover periods of non-work for those who do work in a part-time vertical rotating system (with activities only in certain periods of the year, month, or week).

Article 1, paragraph 971 of Theegge of the 2022 financial statements to establish Support Fund for Part-time Vertical Contract Workers Managed by the Ministry of Labor endowment 30 million Euro for 2022 and 2023. Specify Message number 3097 dated 05-08-2022 INPS has determined that if monitoring reveals deviations from the aforementioned moratorium, even in the future, no further measures will be taken to award compensation.

For specific methods of exchange and for operating rules, the Converting the aid decree into lawbut must also issue the specific Ministerial Resolution that we will keep you informed of, as well as the INPS Practice Document announcing the issuance of the application procedure.

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Part-time bonus: Who are the part-time workers in the vertical cycle

workers with Part-time vertical contracts (or multi-period) They are those who have a working relationship in which the reduction is not related to the daily hours, but is done only at certain times during the week, month or year.

The rule that currently governs the part-time vertical contract is Legislative decree n. 81 for 2015 (Chapter Two – Section One) which allows it to be used in all sectors of activity. The workers concerned have the same rights as full-time workers and those engaged in other forms of part-time work. What changes is the “hourly” or “daily” calculation of the wages and compensation owed to them. All details of any flexible clauses or specific definition of working times, with relative calculations, shall be specified in the individual CCNL of a particular category.

Part-time bonus of 550€ on arrival

Part-time bonus: money exhausted

According to the text help dl Part-time vertical bonus up to 550 EUR Pay at once. Refreshment quotas will take into account the ratio between working days, inactivity days and salary. Referring to the details, following the expected implementation decree, INPS with Message number 3097 dated 05-08-2022 He explained that the disbursement of resources is linked to the amount allocated. Once the funds are used, the contribution will not be disbursed. the reason The application must be submitted as soon as possibleunder penalty of being “appropriate”, but not eligible for funding.

Part-time bonus: how to claim it

It is not yet possible to apply for the vertical part-time worker bonus, but it is already known that the application must be submitted tosnooze. The institute is always there Message on 05-08-2020 I declare that the procedure for sending applications, as laid down in the Simplification Decree and subsequent provisions, will be electronically Through the INPS institutional portal can be accessed to this address. However, it is not possible to file a file. When the partition is open, the access credentials to be entered will be – as usual – as follows:

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Part-time bonus: news for vertical part-time workers

It must be emphasized that with Budget Law 2021 (Article 1 Paragraph 350), Parliament has included in the calculation of seniority useful for purposes of the right to pension treatment also weeks not included in work activity.

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