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Totti Elari breaks up, Alex Nochetelli replies to Melori: Are you saying I talk too much?

Totti Elari breaks up, Alex Nochetelli replies to Melori: Are you saying I talk too much?

Francesco Totti and Elari Blasi break up, the news

Alex Notchetelli responds to the attack of Melori, sister of Elari Blasey, on the pages of Corriere della Sera. New statements also about the story between Francesco Totti and Noemi Boccchi.

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Francesco Totti and Elari Blasi break up, the news

separation between Francis berries And the Elari plassi It leaves a long trail of words, scoldings, and side rumours. It was inevitable. The main protagonist Alex Notchetelli, Friend. The historical PR of the Roman Nights is very present in the newspapers. New statements were issued today to the Corriere della Sera after that Elari Blasey’s sister, Meloriwrote on Instagram: It is better for some friends to remain silent.” Alex Notchetelli did not react for long.

New statements by Alex Nochetelli

Alex Nuccetelli released new statements to Corriere della Sera in an effort to get rid of the bad name in the past few hours: “It’s not true that I introduced them, I miss them at all”, He says when he points out that he is said to know him Noemi Bocchi to Francesco Totti: “I only remember that they were present one Friday evening at the ‘Perfume Sensory space’ in Piazza dei Giochi Delfici, in the period of Vigna Clara.” Then the attack on Elari Blassie’s sister:

I read that Melori, Elari’s sister, took me out of the conversation so much, I was sorry. But if Elari goes with him, she owes only me. I know how much I struggled to fix it, it changed her life, come on.

Similarities of Noemi Bocchi and Ilary Blasi

There is a lot of talk about the similarity Noemi Bocchi To Ilary Blasi, but Alex Nuccetelli disagrees: “Ellari was a doll, Noemi is shorter.” Then on Noemi’s idea that he was going to get from Francesco:

At first she was also skeptical about Francesco, it wasn’t a matter of getting fired right away. “Last night you went to the tournament and your friend was there,” he told me after the first meeting. It’s all there. […] Of course, if they keep hanging out after all these months and all this mess, that’s a sign that there’s something going on between them, and it’s not just friendship. what’s wrong with that?

“Noemi Bocchi is an excellent mother”

For many, the age difference was crucial, but even in this case Alex Noctelli replied: “She is indeed a woman, a very good mother, the quiet type.” Qualities that Francesco Totti would have immediately appreciated, but the strong relationship with Hilary Blasi remains in relation to the three children: “In any case, they loved each other very much, they are wonderful parents, who brought up their three children in the normal way, without spoiling them.”