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Isola dei Famosi 2022, Scoreboard Episode 17 / Vladimir Luxuria and Guendalina Show ...

Isola dei Famosi 2022, Scoreboard Episode 17 / Vladimir Luxuria and Guendalina Show …

Isola dei Famosi 2022 scoreboard, all steps for Vladimir Luxoria and Guendalina Tavasi

Vladimir Luxoria and Gwendalina TavasiIn a different way, they conquered my viewersCelebrity Island 2022. Episode seventeen was full of twists and turns, first and foremost in the studio between Laura Maddaloni and Vladimir Luxuria. After returning to Italy, Madaloni had a standoff with Vladimir, accused of identifying her as an “aggressive person” who affects the public, according to the former shipwreck. The columnist sent the accusation back to the sender, reminding Madalone that she had been eliminated with “Bulgarian percentage. Intervention, Luxuria enters, which was particularly appreciated by the audience who enthusiastically welcomed the return of Palapa from Gwendalina Tavasiabsent in the last episode due to a physical problem.

Gwendolyn is back with a lot of energy and ready to stand up for the people she’s attached to in a certain way. Thus Tavasi pointed the finger at Mercedes-Benz Henger who, according to Guindalena, would not really be interested in her brother Eduardo. Furthermore, Tavassi did not like Mercedesz’ attitude of trying to pit Edoardo and Nicolas to each other. Thus, Guenda sided with her brother and Vaporidis, and caught the audience’s applause (Update by Stella Dibenedetto).

Isola dei Famosi 2022 scoreboard Carmen Di Pietro’s family triumphs on social media

During yesterday’s episode of Famous Island, Carmen de Petro And their son Alessandro received a nice surprise. The audience witnessed the exciting meeting between Carmen and Alessandro and little Carmelina, who stayed in Italy with her father and grandmother. Carmelina was present from the studio and encouraged her brother and mother to continue this adventure: “Go because you are strong. You have to go as far as you can. I look at you every day. I miss you so much. At home, everything is fine, we get along well with dad. Don’t think of me and you, mom, don’t think about hunger. “ Carmen Di Pietro was touched by seeing her daughter: “How are you, Carmelina? I am very hungry.” Alessandro, Carmen’s son and Carmelina’s brother, barely stopped the emotion.

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Carmelina stayed in Italy with her father Giuseppe Iannone and her grandmother, which raised some concern in the showgirl who, in fact, asked her: “You make your grandmother despair, right?” Carmen Di Pietro has kept repeating if she has been studying since she got her eighth grade exams. Carmelina responded positively, reassuring her mother. On social media, many have praised Carmen Di Pietro for doing a great job with her children. Carmelita and Alessandro appeared as good-natured and well-mannered boys, and this family portrait impressed the audience at home in a positive way (10th grade) (Class by Giulia Bertolini)

Isola dei Famosi 2022 scoreboard: Mercedes Henger rejected!

Big changes toCelebrity Island 2022 Starting to play Four New Outcasts: Pamela Petrrollo, Marco Macarini, Gennaro Oleto and Luca Davre. To say goodbye foreverIsland It was Clemente RussoWhile blind I arrived at Licia Nunez and Fabrizia Santarelli on Playa Renovada. On the other hand, Marco Cocolo and Estefania Bernal have returned to Playa Renovada. The favorites for the ring are Mercedes Henger and Nicholas VaporidisThe daughter of Eva Henger was the most nominated contender by the group, while the Romanian actor was noted by Marialaura de Vitesse, Alessandro Iannone, Laurie del Santo, Marco Cocolo and Estefania Bernal. The result of the TV broadcast will be announced next Friday on the occasion of the eighteenth episode of the seriesFamous Island. But the fate of Mercedes inIsland He appears to have been singled out: The outcast is demobilized by the rest of the group for allegedly approaching Edoardo Tavassi just for the sake of seeing. Thought the audience also shared on social media: “Eduardo, who stood by Nicholas and questioned Mercedes, was not only handsome and likable, but also smart! “Now the fake Mercedes’s are being discarded. I want Nikola to be saved by Bulgarian descent.” And “Dear Mercedes, entering into a friendship with a straight leg is never good and even pretending to be out of your mind! But Eduardo is not stupid …Have some comments appeared on Twitter? (Essay by Elisa Purcelluzzi)

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Famous Island 2022 scoreboard: Roger and Nick Coe!

new episode ofCelebrity Island 2022 With the final removal of Clemente Russo back Estefania and Marco Cocolo. In tonight’s episode Nick Luciani He just showed up to see the TV result and immediately went back to the dispensary because of a slight wound suffered over the past week. very big absent Roger Baldwin who took a turn and spent the entire loop in the infirmary. Nicholas Vaporidis It was the focus of some discussions with Mercedes Hinger because of his relationship with Eduardo Tavasi It is the girl’s design to stay as long as possible in the game. The episode for the actor did not end in the best possible way due to his injury due to the mangrove forest hidden in the sand that he stumbled upon (7th degree).

Mercedes Hinger He lost the trust of many outcasts ofFamous 2022 Island Who did not like excessive degrading behavior towards them Eduardo Tavasi. The episode ended with him entering the nomination as the most voted contender by the group (score 6.5). also Eduardo Tavasi He admitted that he had some doubts about the behavior of the girl who had already left Italy with the aim of conquering the outcast, while she was already romantically involved. The outcast sided tonight with Nicholas and at the time of the nominations voted for the woman precisely because of these doubts (rating 6.5). Tonight Carmen de Petro He confronted his devastated sister-in-law by calling her a manipulator and accusing her of acting premeditated toward her son, thanks to the support of her son and other survivors as well. Carmen, as always, is able to bring a sense of humor into reality with her slips and remixed tales (grade 7).

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Isola dei Famosi 2022 scoreboard: Two of spades by Maria Laura de Vitesse

The episode didn’t go well Maria Laura de Vitesse This is since he first landedCelebrity Island 2022 She openly admitted her interest in Alessandro, and managed to have dinner with the boy and three intimate nights with the boy in a hut. However, acquaintance with the other untouchable did not go in a better way and he got Two of spades from the opponent who admitted that he considers her a friend only (score 6.5). Gwendalina Tavasi During this episode I stood against Mercedes Hinger He called her a liar and manipulative because of the story with her brother (7th grade).

Alessandro Iannone He’s proven to be very thoughtful admitting that he has a lot of doubts about him Maria Laura de Vitesse You want to solve it away from camerasCelebrity Island 2022. Alessandro also, along with his mother, always brings a sense of humor inside the Palapas with curious tales about her Living with his mother and his childhood (Grade 7). Laurie Del Santo Tonight he was finally able to be reunited Marco Kokolo who rejoined the race, but had to face some discussions with all the other outcasts (Grade 6). All new competitors: Marco Macarini, Pamela Petrrollo, Gennaro Oleto and Luca Davre Although they joined the game a few hours ago, they have given the entire audience a way to understand some aspects of their personality, especially in relation to the younger competitors, who have been dubbed ilary plassi “I’m guapissimi”

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