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Torino – Juventus 0-0, report cards: Bongiorno and Bremer stop Vlahovic and Zapata

Torino – Juventus 0-0, report cards: Bongiorno and Bremer stop Vlahovic and Zapata

Torino – Juventus 0-0

Torino Report Cards – Edited by Alessio Piazza

Milinkovic 6.5 – Perfect in the score-saving intervention from Vlahovic's close-range shot. As usual, he often tries long passes towards the offensive side to avoid pressure in his area of ​​expertise. In the second half, he caused some chaos after a walk in which he clashed with Bongiorno. Perfect in the end, blocking a dangerous shot from Yildiz.

Tmzi 5.5 – Chiesa is not a comfortable customer and the Granata defender faces difficulty when the Juventus winger starts moving and jumps on him. However, he showed good positional sense when he intercepted Kostic's attempt in the pocket for Chiesa.

Good morning 6.5- Bremer compliments him at the start of the race and he is not disappointed. Vlahovic would often come forward with a powerful header to block Gatti's acrobatic effort in the first half.

Rodriguez 6 – In the first half, it was a game of control and containment. Best in the second half, where he made some dangerous crosses into the Juventus area.

Bellanova 6.5 – In the first half he made a mistake when he was too close to his own area which was about to cost Torino dearly. Good at protecting Chiesa and going forward with interesting crosses. The second half in which he runs and crosses as much as he can. (from 85' SV machine).

Richie 5.5 – The young midfielder sacrifices himself and escapes. The nervousness at the end of the first half was not justified. Protests cost him a yellow card and he will miss the next match due to disqualification. He is growing and showing well in different situations in the second half.

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Linity 6,5 – An organized and experienced match. He does not feature in the initiatives but his contribution, in terms of management and approach, is there. In the second half, he grows and breaks several opposing playing patterns, making himself dangerous.

Vojvoda 6.5 – Dangerous throws and crosses are his forte and he tries to do them whenever he can. He feels very nervous at the end of the first half and gets a yellow card. (from 78' Lazaro S.V).

Vlasic 6 – Good in raids and free moves. He does not take advantage of a clear scoring opportunity when he heads the ball into the net, alone in front of Szczesny.

Sanabria 6 – The Granata striker got off to a light start and often allowed himself to recover through the Bianconeri's comebacks. Nice roulette on Locatelli which earns him an interesting free kick. (from 78' Okereke SV).

Zapata 5 – He clashed with Gatti from the first minutes of the match and was pardoned by the referee due to an unsportsmanlike gesture towards the same defender. Many doors and few opportunities

Ivan Juric 5,5 – His Torino team played a good match, especially in the second half, where it came back more dangerous than it was in the first 45 minutes. As often happens in these friendly matches, he was sent off for protesting.

Juventus Report Cards – Edited by Ivan Cardia

Chesney 6.5 – Only one save, but it's beautiful and crucial. The last nosebleed is an emotion that could have been avoided.

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I came 6 – Who hurts with his fist… With Zapata, the duel is rustic, Sanabria loses it and Chesney has to put his gloves on it. The best things are in the attacking phase, like the raid that sends Vlahovic and Milinković-Savic out for coffee. (D 78' Alex Sandro SV).

Premier 6.5 – Be careful, he bites. As for building from below, we can also do better, but in his area grenade attackers are forced to move away.

Danilo 6 – Juve lacks any starting position from the bottom: they will have the ability and ability, but the midfield only occasionally passes them on.

Cambiasso 6 – Only the occasional idea and duel is won by Voivoda, who doesn't do anything out of this world anyway. (D 90'+5 Alcaraz Street).

Makeni 6 – Of the three midfielders, he is the one who is the least trying to show himself.

Locatelli 5.5 – Low, existentially speaking, all Juve is. There are few or no intuitions.

Rabiot 6 – When he proposes, he messes up. The image of Juve who doesn't even try to win.

Costec 5.5 – He risks two of them: when he takes control of the area and Bellanova knocks him down, and when he gets too close to Ricci. As for offensive production, try again and you'll be luckier. (Dahl 64' Ealing Junior 5.5 – It cannot be seen or heard.)

Church 6 – First he plays football, then he hides and seeks. In the first part, Vlahovic sends and also Locatelli on goal. But the second is broader. (Branch 64' Star 6 – Fire and a little. Who knows when we'll see Trident again.)

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Vlahovic 5 – Who took a stand? He immediately devours the opening goal and then returns the ball, even if Milinkovic's reaction in this case is contained. Some fancy controls aren't enough. (Dahl 78' Ken St).

Massimiliano Allegri 5.5 – That wasn't exactly what we saw in the first half against Fiorentina, but Juve made themselves appreciated early on. Then, it's the usual dull soup: the changes that occur between man and man add no flavor to it. Firstly, don't take them remains the house motto, but this is a point that serves no purpose. He has had the goal of passing Trapp in Derby history, and the question is whether he will have the opportunity again next year.