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Tira Amara, Kerem Alicek is my fidel: not just TV, his background is little known

Tira Amara, Kerem Alicek is my fidel: not just TV, his background is little known

Kerem Alisik is known as Fekeli in Terra Bitter but few know that before he became an actor, he set out towards another career.

Kerem Alicek is one of the most loved actors in the Turkish TV series Terra Amara, which has garnered millions of viewers. In the novel, he plays the role of Vekeli, the husband of Umm Yilmaz. A tough and serious man, but very sensitive.

Kerem Alisik, his life before acting in Terra Amara (@keremalisik)

In Tierra Amara, the man faces great suffering due to the mourning of Hunkar, and his stories fascinate fans of the series. In real life, indeed The actor started his career doing nothing but.

Kerem Alisik, his life before becoming an actor, what did he do?

Kerem Alicek was born on June 5, 1960 in Istanbul, Turkey Of Turkish parents, the mother is called Kolpan Ilhan and Sadri Alicek is the father. He is the nephew of the Turkish writer Atilla Ilhan. From an early age, he devoted himself to writing at the behest of his mother, while attending primary school in a boarding school. Then he developed this passion, and later also wrote a Poetry book. Also among his hobbies are literature and watching black and white movies. But not only!

Kerem Alesic (actor
Kerem Alisik, his dream before becoming an actor (@keremalisik)

the man He dreamed of becoming a soccer playerIn fact, he played in Dikilitaşspor Football Club, Where a promising career awaited him, however Because of the injury he had to retire. For this reason, I decided to enter the world of theater and television by acting in various films and presenting various television programs.

It was really a lot, really a lot He started very young, at the age of five. He had several important roles, before achieving success with Terra Amara. In particular, in 2011 he played the role of Barbat in the movie 72.Koguş. The following year, 2012, he played the role of Kamel Bey in the series Yol Ayrimi. In 2015, he played the role of Raif in the TV movie Şartlı Tahliye directed by Paris Ercitin.

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Real success comes with Fikili’s personality. in Terra Amara, a role he has been playing since 2018. Kerem Alicek has admitted that he loves his character very much, as he shares the same morals with him, but also has some differences. “I’m more dynamic, calmer and have a sense of humor that we don’t find in Vikele. But the character in the show, with her body language and inner energy, has a more serious approach. In him, hope thrives on suffering.”

He also dressed up as a TV presenter and, in fact, hosted the program that was broadcast on TRT 1 Seneye Bu Zamanlar in 2021 and 2022. The actor likes to keep his private life private. From 1988 until 1992 he was married to Sibel Tornajolwhich he had son This is called my chest alessik, Born March 28, 1988.