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Tie to work for no return Fornero

Tie to work for no return Fornero

The association is working to “save pensions” to avoid a return to Fornero. This is what we learned after Secretary Matteo Salvini met with Prime Minister Mario Draghi. In a long, positive conversation, the league leader outlined – according to a note – his proposals to restart the country and defend jobs and pensions.

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This morning it was Claudio Dorigon, head of the labor department at Lega, who confirmed that “the goal is not to return to Fornero”. “Contrary to what some media claim – read a note – the university is not a ‘toward yes’ to the new pension measures. We are still working on the reform with common sense and determination.”

MEF Under-Secretary of State Federico Freni echoed Dorigon: “The aim of the League is to avoid a return to Fornero: the debate is underway about reasonable reform. Now there is no point in dwelling on numbers and quotas: we must give concrete results answers. For workers and workers who are waiting. That they can retire.”

Between 102 and 104 on the table also “Share” Tridico: how it works

Among the candidates to replace the 100 quota – as part of the 2022 gambit – is a proposal on the table for discussion, along with the 102nd and 104th quotas and the more flexible unions. This is a solution that has been demonstrated several times in Parliament by INPS President Pascual Tredeco, who presented it again last week as the only “really flexible and financially compatible” solution in terms of costs and with a much larger audience than he brought home. The Northern League Experience. We are talking about the so-called two-stage pensions: the premise is an expectation, for those who are 63-64 years old and want to leave work, only the contribution part of the pension by deferring the total allowance including salary. Part, to complete the 67-year-old. On the other hand, once the old-age pension is attained, the worker is entitled to the full increment, complete with wages and contributions.

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So there is no rigid “cage” in which future retirees can fit only the opportunity to choose with the costs of state coffers, in the medium term, largely zero. In total, the National Institute of Statistics estimates, there will be about 203 thousand additional pensions that can be activated between 2022 and 2024, in addition to another 129,000 from 2025 to 2027, for a total of 332 thousand pensions from 2022 to 2027. The costs will also be about 4.2 million Euros between 2022 and 2027 which will then be recovered from spending savings which in 2027-2031 may amount to about 2 billion Euros in total.

To reach a two-stage retirement, Tridico still remembers that, in addition to the age requirement, at least 63-64 years of age, it is necessary to have at least 20 years of contributions and to have accrued at the time of selection a pension contribution of an equivalent amount or above 1.2 times the social premium. This is to limit the audience that will be able to reach early retirement and avoid bad checks. The proposal also provides for the accumulation of a mini-pension with income from self-employment and the possibility of stabilizing performance on the mechanisms of future generations carry-over, linked part-time while categorically excluding the possibility of coexistence with the RDC, social security for bees and compensation for business interruption.

The proposal has received criticism from CGIL, CISL and UIL and the government has not actually expressed itself on the matter. “The decision is political,” Tredeco commented in recent days. In the meantime, the government is working to find the right balance on a proposal that could also be accepted by the Salvini League. Meanwhile, the expected call for unions by the government in the 2022 gambit has arrived, with new measures to cross the 100 quota representing one of the most anticipated chapters.

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