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"The divorce took place with Icardi, and then ..."

“The divorce took place with Icardi, and then …”

“Wandagate” has been on the cutting edge for several days now, attracting media attention all over the world. Wanda Nara’s last post may close the question permanentlyMauro Icardi’s wife, in a lengthy Instagram post, revealed much background to the story and the final decision on the most-followed love story of the past week.

Wanda Nara, full post

“The pictures I’ve uploaded over the past few months show how amazing we are and how happy we are. After what happened, I was very hurt. Every day I file for divorce from Mauro. When he realized there was no turning back, he told me we couldn’t go on like this, and that if breaking up was the only way to end so much pain, we had to do it. We went to the lawyer. TheIn two days Mauro agreed to all the terms and we signed the agreement. The next day he wrote me a letter that no one had ever written to me before: “I gave you everything and you have everything, I hope you are happy because that will make me happy.” And then I realized one thing: that I have everything, I have nothing if I’m not with him. I am sure this bad time we are going through will strengthen us as a couple and as a family. The important thing is that we both had the freedom to finish the 8-year story, but With our souls tired of crying, we chose ourselves freely again. I love you”.

Icardi’s joy and Wanda Nara’s sister

Zira NaraA few minutes after her sister Wanda shared, she posted a story with the same image and under the following words: “Love always wins, everything else is just stories”. Wanda quickly shared her sister’s sweet “Zera” message again, as she did with her husband’s following story. In fact, it makes us wait a little longer, but in the end it also arrives Mauro Icardi’s reaction Among the Instagram stories: big red heart In the shot chosen by Wanda for the main position.

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