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Thus the sun's rays break the temple

Thus the sun’s rays break the temple

Today, we should be optimistic and positive, but not the positive associated with the cove, if there is any reverse to it: many studies, including an Italian language to be published, confirm that we are already “intuitive”. “Last summer, I mean Solar rays Disable Covit-19.

Astronomy and Virology together

Unity is strength: astronomical physics with the study of viruses and virology, it is appropriate to say that two fields are very far from each other. “It all started in March 2020 Ministry of University and Research (Mur), invited all research institutes and universities to make their capabilities available Fight Infection. The then President, Prof.. Unfortunately the late D’Amigo appointed me as the National Coordinator, we started with the best we could do, with the knowledge of light, and we were lucky to collaborate with the University of Milan with a professor-led team. Clarice and Professors Biosyn and Trapatoni to immediately carry out experiments and field different skills, “he said exclusively. Giovanni Parecci, DirectorINAF (National Institute of Astrophysics) at the Pro Astronomy Laboratory in Merat, Lecho Province. With some surprising results, changes in the SARS-Cove-2 virus have been observed when attacked by the sun’s rays, but also synthetically.

Effect of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays on Govt

“We focused on two specific areas: disinfection of a virus called radiation UV-C, Blue lights inside fisheries are a very powerful and very effective method, but unfortunately are still rarely used in Europe to disinfect the air in closed environments “, Professor Parechi told us that there are significantly three mechanisms for virus infection: direct contact (when we speak closely), surfaces and aerosol, They can be suspended for even hours in closed environments, and the only way to combat this type of infection is through ‘air exchange’. In this case, UV-C lamps are very effective, but are not widely accepted in public environments, schools, etc. The other aspect we have focused on – paresis – UV-C radiation is emitted by the sun, but does not reach the earth because it is absorbed by the tropical layer of ozone. ”In practice, this is the only type of radiation that can be used artificially without being natural.

What happens in the summer

“However, the elements UV-A e UV-B However, the solar spectrum reaches the Earth’s surface. “We focused on understanding how sunlight associated with these spectral components can mitigate infection.” The research, which began in May 2020, is still ongoing, but already, early last summer, “based on initial data and studies, we predicted that the epidemic would be seasonal, with waves, in advance of what actually happened,” astronomers said. The results of the studies are particularly important because “this RNA virus is particularly likely to exist Inactive From UV-A and UV-B radiation reaching the Earth. This means that in the summer, due to the sun’s rays and the saliva bubbles emitted by people evaporate easily, the aerosol can be destroyed in a few tens of seconds in broad daylight if there is a residential environment at intervals. “The professor gives the example of a beach. This phenomenon is thanks to the reuse of sand, which enhances the effect.” Therefore, we combine seasonality with the presence of UV-B and UV-rays. A. The sun “.

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What happens in terms of immunity

If we have clear ideas from an astronomical point of view, what will happen from an immune point of view? The results are almost identical and are clinically similar in lung cells. “Last year we released the ability of UV-C rays to completely inactivate the virus, but they are filtered by ozone and do not reach the Earth’s surface. The use of UV-A and UV-B rays, which reach the Earth’s surface and make our skin red,” Where the allowable dose proves to be used, that data is ready before it is released.Don Buy, the minimum dose of those rays, in a very short period of time, can completely inactivate Covit-19.If we observe the virus under a microscope and place it on the carpet of lung cells, it will have a minimum dose Is shown to be gone, Will disappear, You can see he’s not there “: this is what he said exclusively Mario Clarici, Professor of Immunology and Immunology and Director of the Department of Physiotherapy and Alternatives at Milan State University.

“Sun’s rays change the genetics of the virus”

Hypotheses of some Scottish researchers (Here is their studio) Exposure to UV-A rays stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which has antiseptic properties and reduces the replication of SARS-Cove-2. “I’m very skeptical: UV-A, directly, can block the virus already because they change it. In genetic terms. There is no need to resort to such a complex mechanism, because what is already happening with the sun’s rays is already enough. “But that’s not all: the ultraviolet rays also activate the synthesis of vitamin D. It is a powerful stimulant that produces B and D lymphocytes, in this way we increase immunity to the virus. , But this explanation is not even required and adds complexity to an event. UV-A and UV-B rays directly prevent the virus from copying because it damages its genetic structure, ”said the immunologist.

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What happens in the fall and winter

There is sun all year round, the sun’s rays always come in, but our hemisphere becomes less efficient when it is in the fall and winter. “Here’s where our skills as astronomers come into play – Parechi confirms – it simply happens because it’s flow Minor They come in very low, mainly due to the mutual position between the earth and the sun. What is the position between the earth and the sun, at least, up to about 10 less than the position of the world ”. Furthermore, the expert says that one of the most important results published is about the ultraviolet rays against the cov. “This Arna virus seems to be more susceptible to UV-A radiation than other viruses, especially DNA viruses. This tells us that it is more sensitive to solar radiation than others.”

Why is the virus killed in “hot countries”?

However, attention: In Brazil, where it is practically summer all year round and the sun’s rays are always abundant, the epidemic continues and the victims of another climatic factor, in fact, cancel out the benefits of ultraviolet rays. “Humidity is very important: where there are clouds and weather WetEven in summer, the climate is less pronounced: there is a big difference between Brazil’s largest country and Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon: studies on the flu show that an epidemic in the Rio region is declining rapidly, but the Amazon, which has a more humid climate, continues, says the professor. பரேச்சி. The question arises: is it wrong when we read that heat and sun weaken the virus? “Words are often used inappropriately: summer, at latitudes like ours, is associated with an increase in ultraviolet rays, and we firmly believe in this aspect, and we think they are one of the factors that inactivate the virus. Heat, on the other hand, is a lot generico: It does nothing, the virus survives up to 70 degrees, but it needs water, infamous saliva bubbles. The heat helps to evaporate these bubbles indirectly when UV is a direct factor: we see all of these with incredible efficiency in experimental experiments, and they amaze us as well. We do not anticipate the performance of UV A and B, “the astronomer said. The message is clear: one is an outdoor beach, a break, and the other is a nightclub where the virus can be transmitted: in this case the examples we had last summer do not require astronomical or epidemiological studies.

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How important is vitamin D?

However, the sun’s rays cause the coyote to die in a very short time and give us a brown color, triggering the stimulation of vitamin D that our body stores in the summer, for which we “live on income” for a few months. How does all this affect SARS-Cove-2? “Combining the expression of UV-A and UV-B with an increased synthesis of vitamin D enhances the immune response (antibodies and lymphocytes), which we have an immune system in the fall because we function better. Size Vitamin D is synthesized by exposure to the sun. “There are those who say that the virus affects any person, and that if you have too much vitamin D, it can somehow cause a strong disease. It should be avoided.

Is Vitamin D in the Sun’s Rays Different From Food or Pill Products? “He put his finger right into the sore – the epidemiologist laughs – following the exposure to UV-A and UV-B rays, vitamin D synthesized by skin precursors. In standard mode It is better than what can be taken with a pill, and its effects have the best effect on the immune response. ” So, this is not all one. “Vitamin D produced by the body works better than what you can take with pills than with foods rich in this substance. Produced by the skin, it works best, but there is no experimental data that can show for sure that high levels of vitamin D protect us from SARS-Cove-2. This is speculative, but there is no conclusive and debatable data to prove it, ”he insists without giving false hope to those who have consistently claimed for months that vitamin D is“ protected ”from cov.

“Vitamin D can help, for example, if you have herpes on the lips, not a very serious infection. But in a difficult condition like SARS-Cove-2 it is not enough to make a difference. Basically, the only way to overcome the infection. Get vaccinated: No matter what kind of vaccine they give us, we will do it. And because no one knows for sure, severe side effects between vaccines are less likely to occur in the end of estrogenization than in Pfizer, ”concludes Clarice.