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This one appears in 2021 Ranking and Report Cards Episode 1 / Ciro Priello Promoted

This one appears in 2021 Ranking and Report Cards Episode 1 / Ciro Priello Promoted

applause for Cerro Prielo who first appeared on stage So what is the 2021 offer? He played Stash from The Kolors. An exemplary imitation from an audio and physical point of view also convinced the original Stash who, through a series of stories posted on his Instagram profile, paid tribute to Ciro Priello. And he wrote, “Same Thing” posted a short excerpt from the tradition. Then he added, “You were so strong.” “How can I respond that Ciro Prielo and I are not the same person to everyone who asks me?” The singer jokes again. Therefore, the debut of Ciro Priello was very positive. She was put off by the audience, however, as Federica Nargi as Elettra Lamborghini (updated by Stella Dibenedetto).

So-and-so 2021, Episode 1 Report Cards: Top i Gemelli di Guidonia

Eleventh edition of So and what appears 2021, a variety of Rai1 Friday evening with a tradition proposed by eleven VIP competitors ready to challenge each other to the tunes of the greatest hits of many famous singers. Although he preceded him some controversyThis first episode ran smoothly without unscheduled details or wrangling.

The only “special” moment occurred when Biagio Izzo decided to abruptly stop the show because he couldn’t find the choreographer, sparking general hilarity in the studio. This rotation drew more than a few laughs from the audience and the jury even if it was a turn Katrina Valenti They didn’t fit him well. Actually: not at all. Hopefully next week Nino D’Angelo will appreciate it more. Rating: 5.

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So and what does the show become like this and what is “shock”

If the gallery Biagio Izu Defined as worthy of “what a shock”, the same can be said about Gidonia twins, the first to rate this episode. The ‘shock’, in this case, was because Gemini perfectly replicated the movements and postures of Videz, Achille Lauro and Orita Berti, the unprecedented trio Mile. So much so that Loretta Joji yells, “But it’s the same!” , once Orietta enters the studio. Technically well deserved victory. Grade: 8.

Excellent performance also from Francesca Allotta NS Deborah Johnson, played respectively by Emma Maroney and Donna Summer. At first, Deborah was expected to win, given the enthusiastic comments of the jury, who called her a true heroine. In the video, it looked just like the original. Rating: 9, something more than a Gemini, who snatched victory probably because – in addition to singing – they also had fun.

So and what appears 2021: the arrangement of the first episode

This is the Final Ranking subordinate The first episode of So and what appears 2021: From last place, Alba Baretti (Lady Gaga), Biagio Iso (Catrina Valente), Simone Montedoro (Francesco di Gregory), Federica Nargi (Eletra Lamborghini), Ciro Prielo (Stash), Pierpaolo Bretelli (Ricky Martin), Stefania Orlando ( Lady Gaga).

The podium for Dennis Fantina (Eros Ramazotti), Deborah Johnson (Donna Summer) – Francesca Allotta (Emma) – previously in second – and finally the Gidonia twins (Fedes, Achille Lauro and Orita Berti), who won the title. the first episode.

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