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Poste Italiane revealed a new phishing attempt under its name


Some hackers use the good name of Poste Italiane to deceive users. How is a phishing attempt expressed and how to take precautions

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The tricks They never change their ways, on the contrary, they are more persistent and numerous. This is why you should always be careful when using your apps bank accounts.

The shady characters behind these dirty tricks are always looking for new technologies and to make themselves credible in the eyes of users, they present themselves as the main Credit or postal institutions.

They manage to disguise themselves so well, that even those who are not familiar with this type trickSeriously, he risks being bitten.

Poste Italiane: How to recognize a new phishing attempt

The term referring to fish is not a coincidence, but the correct term to use in these unpleasant situations. In fact, these traps are called “phishing”. In fact, thehacker On duty he throws a “hook” in the hope of being caught.

He does this through a text message or email sending some sudden damage and the need to click on the attached link (very harmful) And enter your details to solve it. One of the last chronological order was made by some self-designed operators for Italian Post, resulting in file malfunctions Bancoposta account In order to bring the user to checkers.

Unfortunately, if you go all the way, you’re just handing over your data to strangers, Who will copy it and then drain the miserable person on duty’s account. But with a little foresight, these diabolical plans can be identified and thwarted.

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First of all, no bank or post office requires you to enter your details via email. Moreover, if you read the email or text message carefully, you may notice defects in the form or even in falsification of the logo.

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In any case, the first criterion to be adopted in these cases is distrust. The link should never be opened for any reason and for any doubt, it is a good idea to contact your bank directly, Who will be able to provide all the necessary explanations.


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