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Harry Styles rips Jennifer Aniston’s pants

Harry Styles rips Jennifer Aniston’s pants

From a romantic gesture to a viral fool

Despite his success and fame, Harry Styles has also experienced one of everyone’s worst nightmares: being made a blatant idiot in front of the person we love. In fact, during the concert in Los Angeles, the former One Direction wanted to impress Jennifer Aniston, the boy of his teens, and knelt in front of her romantically. Too bad the skinny leather pants didn’t carry the gesture of love and ripped in the thigh right in front of the actress, showing off her underwear.

reverse in style

Harry Styles immediately noticed the fool and rolled his eyes. Then, quietly, she continued singing with her hand between her legs, desperately searching for something to cover herself with. A few seconds later, he returns to the audience with the LGBTQ community’s flag tied around his waist, to hide the massive wound. The singer then played down the incident and addressed the audience, “My pants are ripped. I feel like I should apologize to some of you in advance. I mean, this is a family show.”

Chicago incident

Harry Styles is no stranger to hot events on stage. A few months ago, in fact, during a concert at the United Center in Chicago In fact, One Direction was previously hit on the bottoms by a bottle thrown by a fan. The singer was talking to the onlookers when he took the hit but as a true Briton he didn’t lose his confidence and commented into the microphone: “Well, what bad luck!” After a few seconds of pausing, he shook his legs and resumed live broadcasting like a pro.

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