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February with many, many weather news

February with many, many weather news

Maybe too many? Who knows, we will evaluate at the end of the month. Maybe a little for some, maybe a lot for others, the truth is that weather and climate conditions are changing and it will be a real turning point.

Not that it took much, we repeat. After weeks of anti-hurricane dominance, even the slightest disturbance in the Atlantic could have been considered a turning point. But here we are talking about a completely different worsening: a deep episode of North Atlantic depression.

It is certain that the Mediterranean Sea will not stand idly by, and taking advantage of the thermal excesses in the past period will provide the energy necessary to form a secondary depression.. where? Well, on our seas, right on our heads, and that can only mean one thing: bad weather.

Well, considering how the weekend got worse, what can we expect next? Well, there will likely be an additional drop in temperatures due to the intervening easterly cold. We will have to understand whether these interventions will have an anti-cyclone component or whether there will be room for further aggravation because at that point snow can fall at lower elevations.

And then… and then during the last ten days of February, other innovations could be introduced, this time related to the North Pole or in any case a change in the circulation framework which could expose us to recurring northern disturbances.. Hence the cold, hence the winter. Moreover, but this is our idea, this weather disturbance may also have repercussions in the first half of March.

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News that will not end with February but will continue into the following month. News that could redeem Winter, who has been plagued by abuse and guilt for not working hard enough. But who knows, maybe the music will change now, and who knows, maybe the period of revenge has already begun.