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Everything you need to know about the third evening of the 74th Sanremo Festival, broadcast today, Thursday, February 8, live on Rai 1. It begins at 8.45 pm and ends at 1.40 am.

Tonight, Thursday, February 8thin prime time live on Rai 1, broadcast on Third evening of Sanremo 2024. Starts at 8.45pm. there The lineup for the third evening of the 74th festival It includes performances by the fifteen competing singers who did not sing during the second evening. The performers will be introduced by colleagues who actually sang last night. And as co-host, along with Amadeus, I'll be there Teresa Mannino

Here are the names 15 singers competing And the gods
Competitors who will be offering it, with (approximate) checkout time. In the lineup, as usual, in addition to the performances, there are also some exceptional guests: this evening at the Ariston Theater, you are expected, for example, Paolo Janacci and Stefano Masini, Gianni Morandi, Russell Crowe, Eros Ramazzotti Mr. Dr Edward Liu. Competitors will be voted on by the radio judging panel (whose weight will be 50% of the total votes) and by the audience at home via television broadcast (50%. Here are the rules). The TV broadcast will open around 8.50pm and close before 1.30am.

1 – All three
, breakable
Presented by Loredana Burt (8.55pm)

2 – Manin
, amazing
Presented by Alpha (9.03pm)

3 – Bunker44
, immoral government Introducing Fred De Palma (21:11)

4 – French saints, Love in the mouth Introducing Clara (9.32pm)

First entry for Teresa Mannino (21:38)

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5 – Mr. rain, Two swings Presented by Il Volo (9.51pm)

Eros Ramazzotti Promised Land Canter (10pm)

6 – Wicked Rose, Click boom!
Ghazal Presentation (10.16pm)

entrance Paolo Janacci and Stefano Masini (22:22)
Paola and Chiara They'll Sing Fanfare (10.36pm)
entrance Sabrina Verrelli (22:42)

7- Alessandra Amoruso, Even here

Presented by Dargen D'Amico (10.48pm)

8- The rich and the poor, But not all of life
Presented by BigMama (11.12pm)

performance Russell Crowe (23:20)
Brish Sings Guasto d'amore (11.36pm)

9 – Angelina Mango
Promos presented by Irama (11.43pm)

10 – Diodes, T plastic
Presented by The Colors (11.51pm)

11- belovedMy house submitted by Mahmoud (00:15)

12 –Nigramaru,
Let's start it all over again
Introduction by Emma (00:29)

13 – Fiorella manoia, Mariposa
Introduction by Annalisa (00:39)

Monologue by Edward Liu (00:45)

14 – Saint John
, Finish with me
Introducing Renja and Nick (00:59)

15 – La Sad
, self destruction
Submitted by Jeweler (01:08)

Gianni Morandi She sings Open All the Doors (01:11)

As mentionedGuests of the third evening of Sanremo 2024
I am Russell Crowe with his band Sabrina Virilli Presenting the series Gloria, Edward Liu To present the fantasy Il clandestino, Eros Ramazzotti Which will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Terra Promise (the song he debuted at the festival) and Stefano Masini with Paolo Gianacci (They will prepare a song about deaths at work.)

Moreover, he will take to the stage prepared on board the Costa Smeralda Brishwhile they will perform at the Suzuki Theater in Colombo Square s
Ola and Kiara. Regular communication will not be missed there Fiorello, Fabrizio Biggio, and Alessia Marcozzi From the glass box of Viva Rai2! Located in front of Ariston Theater.

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