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Fratoianni: “I’m with Sallis, occupying houses is not a crime.” And Salvini: “Shame.”


cheater Ilaria Challis To be idolized as a new figure, the left sheds its mask and emerges: the rightprofession, a slogan prudently left to the extreme fringes of the left, is now fearlessly reclaimed. First comes the number one endorsement of the Italian left. Nicola Fratoianni: “I see myself in the struggles for this right, even in the occupations.”. Twenty-four hours later, the icy silence of the opposition leaders was recorded. Ellie Schlein One side and Giuseppe Conte on the other.

A surreal situation that made the Northern League President and Deputy Prime Minister jump out of his seat Matteo Salvini.“While the league with Save-Gaza frees millions of assets held hostage by the bureaucracy, this brutal community center proudly claims illegal occupation.”, sums up Salvini on major social channels. General anger derived from the clear stance taken by Nicola Fratoianni, leader of the Italian left and AVS vice-president. “Is Ilaria Challis militancy in the housing rights movement? I see myself in these right-to-own struggles—even with mocking disdain,” she explains. occupations. And he adds in a stentorian tone: I’m with Ilaria. Occupancy of houses shall not be considered an offence”.

Here lies the last hurdle of the so-called extreme leftists “Right to Employment” Houses, once demolished. “This movement has presented a problem, namely the denial of the right to life: this right must be superior to speculation – Fratoianni adds – we live in a country where the denial of universal and basic rights has become the norm. We are used to all this. In the name of this habit, every form of rebellion returns to the cycle of crime, crime. I think those who struggle in such ways to present and solve a problem should be considered differently..

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Words of absolute gravity provoked a strong reaction from Minister Salvini. “Just Shameful – Deputy Prime Minister writes on social media – a call to lawlessness and arrogance, a slap in the face of respectable citizens. After all, you should see who they recommend. “, the transport minister thundered in a post published on his Facebook page. No way. After the league’s president’s response, Fratoianni takes things further: “Salvini attacks me because I defend the struggle for housing rights.

Firstly, I didn’t take a lesson on housing rights from someone who destroyed the rental assistance fund, forced thousands of families into evictions on low wages and gave that money to Serie A football clubs. Final Attack: “And then – he concludes – it makes me laugh that he does it in the name of the law. Pardon MinisterProtector of the wise.”


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